hi guys

ima make this short and sweet. if you guys want to keep in contact with me here are my socials.

snapchat: theawkwardjess

instagram: lametwink

discord: mess9737

email: jessenia_prado@yahoo.com

Hope to hear from my old friends soon!

Jess is Back!



Its the news that maybe some of you (and I) have been waiting for a LONG TIME!

I’m coming back to blogging! *cue confetti and party music*

I have been on hiatus because I needed time to up my gameย on my mental and physical health ๐Ÿ˜› Lots of things have occurred!

  • I’m in high school (big change o-o)
  • Ive come out to my family, about being pansexual and gender fluid! They support me.
  • I cut my hair!! I’ve been waiting years to cut it this short. I’m pretty satisfied on how it looks on me.
  • Im on 3-D Design team of my schools robotics club! It’s pretty fun to make friends of all different classes and diverse backgrounds.
  • I’ve had my FIRST BURRITO! Hey hey, yeah I know I’m a Mexican. They taste like fat weird tacos.
  • I turned 15!

So what are you going to blog about, Jess?”

Good question. I plan on getting into photography, drawing original comics, maybe some origami here and there. I definitely plan on being more active. I’m going to spend some time cleaning the site up and making it look good.

Comment below! See you guys on the flip side ๐Ÿ’ž


Updates on my Life…

Okay, I think I’m back for good!
~ I earned a really good scholarship! It pays for highshool. I was picked, alongside 124 other 8th graders, out of 1000 APPLICANTS!!! Gosh! In my interview, I talked about my blog, origami yoda, the OY site, Tom, my crafts, and how I manage to keep up with my quirky and optimistic personality when I’m often met up with bad, bad things. The people who interviewed me were really interested at the time when I met Tom, and even one person said they googled about him and bought all of her grandchildren his books! ๐Ÿ˜€
I actually have another meeting today, so wish me luck ๐Ÿ™‚

~ Still deciding on what high school I will be going to. I might fly on a plane for the first time (WAH!) to Massachusetts, to look at a snazzy boarding school there. So if any of you readers are in Massachusetts, watch out! I’m coming for yeh XD

~ My Rhett and Link account is boosting up up up! It currently has 348 FOLLOWERS! I earned 48 people in the past 2 weeks! It pretty crazy. It’s weird how I post picture of Link’s foot, and people are actually ENJOYING it. So go follow @links.foot (Me) on Insta! Yes I know this is shameless self promotion, but hey, you’ll be able to chat with me there, and see awesome content ^-^

~ I’ve been having lengthy conversations with “Coconut” for TWO WEEKS! We even stood up with each other til 2 AM in the morning on his birthday. But other days, its only up to 1:45 am ๐Ÿ˜‚ I have to say, we’re goals.

~ I’m actually going to be getting a laptop!! And probably a new phone!! I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT LAPTOP IS GOOD SO COMMENT GOOD LAPTOPS BELOW XD

~YouTube channel. Will. Be. Starting. As. Soon. As. I. Get. The. Laptop. Vlogs! Cartoons! Reactions! Q and A’s!

~ Eighth grade graduation is coming up! Aggg! Im so nervous >.<

So many great things are coming in the new year! Squeeee! :)))))

Have a great day guys! Comment your thoughts below ๐Ÿ˜€

SuperFolder TalkZone: The Return

Okay, so today Tom posted a teaser, on origamiyoda.com . It said, that the SFTZ may come back. So, my thoughts?
I’m going to be there. I’m anxious for this. But now I’m kinda eerie about new SFs that we make fun of are going to be chatting there, while the hipster SFs that have been folders for three years, are gonna be ridiculed by them. Of course, 12 of the SFs have fun talking to each other on our SFTZ kik chat. But I don’t know what to feel about this…

Essays, Essays, Essays

I freaking AGH
Let’s start that over..
Soooo, hey WordPressers. I feel stupid coming back with a sorry post every time. But lately, I’ve been learning on how to have a life. AKA not being online all the time, getting more into school, working in which high school I want to go to, and RHETT AND LINK!

So I’ve been spazzing out on applications, essays, and homework. I don’t have a good time schedule for my work time and free time. I’ve been staying up til 2 AM everyday, trying to get work done. I feel so stressed out.

I’m supposed to be working on an application that’s due in two days. Whoops. I have no idea of what an indisputable truth is or a sentence of blah blah blah. The school is freaking $34 K  a year, too. I feel so… So…

ANYWAYS, my birthday is on Saturday! I’m going to have a party. Wish me luck on that. Most people don’t like coming to my parties.
Me: Hey, heres an invitation to my party!
Person: oh yeah, for sure I’ll go!
Me: aiight! See ya there!
*one week later*
Me: Mom, its time already and none of my friends arrived.
Mom: They’re not gonna come right on time. Give em time.
Me: alrighty. *looks out window and gets hopes up at every car passing*
Me: it’s been an hour. Maybe they’ll still come.
*passes time with ds*
Me: Two hours! Mom, you sure they’re gonna come?
Mom: how about we eat the cake…
Me: hey, none of you guys were at my party!
Friend: oh um I had dance class
Friend #2: my mom wasn’t home
Friend #3- I forgot
Friend #4- oh
Me: …
-months later-
Friend- hey, I’m having a party! We’re gonna go get pedicures, go to a hotel, go to a trampoline land, to the mall, and more!!
Friends- ohhh yea Ima tell my parents ill go
-at hotel-
Friends: this is funnnn glad I could come woot yay
Me: *stares at everyone while slowly eats cake*
This happens every year. My birthday is just sad. No one likes my lame parties DX
So, wish me luck I guess.

Halloween, Microwaves, and Becoming a YouTuber(?),


Hey guys! How are all of you?
*listen intently*
Good job!

So, so. Been a couple, er days.
Halloween! I made a Rhett and Link pumpkin.


Its the logo. I’m cool.

My costume? I was Chucky! 


I’m the person choking friend. Muahahha

And I almost got kidnapped. Uh oh.

Long story short, I went trick or treating with two neighbor kids, we ended up going with some random lady and two kids, she took us somewhere random, her husband appeared, we tried to go home but didn’t let us, they started fighting, we ran away.

ANYWAYS, I had a great time.

Cesar is now recommending songs for me to listen to. They are by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Strokes (omg they are perfect) and the Arctic Monkeys. I. Love. These. Bands.
He helped me find a taste in music now. Woot!  We are still stuck on one problem tho. Some person in class appears to hate the both of us. We are trying to figure out WHY, but we aren’t really getting anywhere. :/

Oh man, you guys need to see a sketch Rhett and Link made. Its called BFFs. Watch it. Right now. It made me cry. Oh man, I can’t even look at a microwave without getting teary eyed ;-;

Okay, so YouTube. I am going to become a YouTuber. I know I won’t get far, but let’s see how this goes. Like recently, out of no where a friend told me I’m fit to be a YTer. I was like, ahhh. I will. As soon as I get a laptop hahah

So you guys, question.

What is a good name for my YouTube name? All I have is Jess, I Guess. And Awkward Jess.

Something with Jess! Plz help me >.<

See y'all laterrrr

19,000 Views! Announcement!

Hey, guys! I know I haven’t been posting. To be honest, I’ve been getting tired with WordPress. So I haven’t been posting. I haven’t been getting a thousand views a month *nudge nudge* but it’s progressing. As long as you enjoy the content, and give feedback! (:
So here’s what I’m going to announce.
Vlogging. Much like blogging. With a V. Vlogging.
Vloggity vlog vlog.
I think I can get into the YouTube community well. My personality is just like other YouTubers.
So, I’m taking on to Vlogging.
As soon as I get a laptop. Which is soon, because my birthday is coming up in less than two months (((:
Would you guys help me rise to fame? View my videos?
Comment below!!

I’ll Be Busy

I haven’t posted any art because of school. I’m entering as many scholarships as I can to get into a nice school, plus student council. I’ll show a poster in a bit. And I need to go to a HS fair tomorrow and shadow days and aeghh. So busy.

Wish me luck for talking at all these events! *sigh*


So today is Monday.
We have a substitute teacher, so unusually it’s quiet. The day goes by fast, getting in little fights with Coconut though. One day we’ll be all friends, the other day we’ll be enemies.

Sub: The teacher says that you can move to a different spot during Enrichment time.
Everyone: *scrambles for seat next to their bestie*
Me: * does derp face and looks around*
Coconut resumes his work like nothing happened. I realize that I’m stuck here. By Coconut. Alone. In the corner of room.
Coconut: You can move, you know. You don’t need to sit by me.
Me: I’m good.
Coconut: *shrugs*
We both pretend to work. I’m trying to work up something to say, while he’s staring into space. I utter up his name, and he looks up. I have no idea what to say, so I ask the randomest question.
*Spaces mean personal
Me: Do you have a best friend?
Coconut: Um.. I don’t believe in best friends.
Me: Oh, because every friendship dies, right?
Coconut: Basically.
Me: Do you have any… friends?
Coconut: No, not really. No one has the same interests as me.
Me: To make a friend, you don’t NEED to have a lot in common. Maybe some.
Coconut: I suppose, yeah.
Me: Don’t you have _____?
Coconut: We weren’t really friends. Sure, he was nice to me, but we barely knew each other.
Me: oh…
Coconut: I go to baseball and stuff, and there are guys there. We talk and have a good time. But, they aren’t the same as me. All they care about are shoes and girls. I’m not like them. They’ll talk and laugh. And sometimes I just stay quiet, listening but feeling… I’m weird.
Me: No you’re not! It’s awesome how you’re different from them. They’re probably fakes too.
Coconut: Yeah, like _____. *we talk about that guy*
It’s funny how the old ladies at church love me. They’re my friends.
Me: You need someone close in age with you.
Coconut: I have you!
Me: haha. But seriously. Sometimes I want to tell someone everything, but .. I feel alone? Even thought I’m not?
Coconut: I’m your best friend.
Me: ๐Ÿ™‚ okay, but …
Coconut: I know, I know. I have friends but… Never mind.
Me: No no, tell me.
Coconut: *sigh* They live in Indiana doe. We aren’t really friends, but we know each other.
Me: So acquaintances.
Coconut: Sure. But like..  Do you ever get this feeling *fidgets with pen*, that you’re friends with someone, but not exactly, but you want to be friends, but you aren’t sure if they like you back, so you just wait for something to happen? *looks up into eyes*
Me: I know the exact feeling. *gives sorry-smile*

Sub- everyone be quiet.
Coconut and I lean closer, to continue conversation.
Me: It’s hard to make friends here. There are freaking only 11 of us.
Coconut:I know right, can’t wait til highschool.
Coconut: You know who’s annoying?  _____
Me: Yeah… I know. I leave it alone though. Just let _____ be.
Coconut: Yeah but they talk weird and…
Me: I’m forced into it. When I try to act mature, it’s not the Jessenia they are used to. They expect immature me. And that’s not me.
Coconut: I see.
Me: And when I do act myself, I want to be with people like me. You and ______ for example. 
Coconut: *gestures me to be quiet BC sub is trying to catch in conversation*
Sub walks away.
Coconut: I think it’s so weird for schools to be not coed, you know? I want to go to _______ school, but ________ school is cheaper… And I know people. But there will be a ton of _____ guys and no… I mean, it’s fine, but I’d rather be with a more variety of people.
Me: I can’t stand it either. I couldn’t last an entire 4 years with girls. I need opposite gender people, to make things..
Coconut: Fun.
Me: Exactly.
There’s an awkward silence.
Me: You’re a good person to talk to.
Coconut: *continues working and turns red*
And that’s that. There was wayyyy more, that conversation lasted about an hour. I forgot some parts.

Today was incredible. We bonded. ๐Ÿ™‚
                                                         – Happy Jess

Agar.io ~ Baggie vs. Me

Heyo guys. We’re gonna be playing-
Ugh. I forgot to say my name.
*take two*
Heyo guys, this is Jess here. And we’re gonna be playing Agar.io mobile. Like, on here.
Yeah. *peace sign*
((I say Yeah, um, yep, like a lot when I’m playing, so its a shortened version. And k actually took a video of me playing, so this is real footage.))
Okay so, I’m going as Linkypoo. And I’m going against Baggie, and yeah I should be starting right now. Yeesh
Nope can’t do this can’t do this. You can’t even see myself and I’m number 1. This is sad-
BRUH just got me. Exactly how I feel right now…
Now I’m green. That’s good. I like green.
Texas. No one cares about you Texas. ..ARE SHOES FROM TEXAS STUPID

SpongeBob quote. Noooooooo gosh I’m bad. So many people no no no weaten…
Someone isn’t even moving. Ah- STUPID FACE PUNCH GUY sigh
Currently I’m number 88. Yeaaah.  Don’t even know what high score was. Ooh, Harry. Hello Harry… Styles. Hairy person.
Ugh pink now. Not the best… I hate pink.
I’m number 1. This is super laggy, I can’t move right. My score is – this is sad. Not moving right. Oh no guy is coming at – oh ssssssssshhhhhhHAIWBSISBWKALA ugh
Some evil guy ate me. Ima go as… Rhett and Link… I’m purple. Purple is decent. Wasaj just ate me. What. Idk what that is. Oh shhhhisgwhaia I can’t move right what is this place oh no oh god  NYEHHHH  oh oh oh my god oh my god oh my gossssshhh…
I don’t even use the super powers or whatnot, I haven’t got to being big yet xD
Ooohhhh oh no ahhhh movee down link .
I’m really bad at thiiii- ah man.
Omg omg omg no I can’t move. My score is “16”… I think cuz I wasted my data. Oohhhhhh ugh. 8ch ate me.
I’m lame I can’t be a gamer xDD This post looks stupid augh
So maybe I should go as the awkward jess. Nahm just Jess. Gosh I’m lame. EA is – … I got eaten

My colour is blu- ahhhahahhgghhhhh nooooo
Ooh, someone has a kissy face emoji.
Okay I gtg. I’m in troublefast forward ehhhh
I got 44 as my high score in the charts. In lame.
I can’t do this again, this post looks horrible ;-; I’m ashamedddokay bye eh


Wednesday. My favourite day of the week ๐Ÿ˜€
Also picture day. darn. I forgot to take a picture. Today was suuuuuperrrrr lovey dove y at school. Um. Yeah.
Coconut and I get yelled at for playing swords with our pens. We blush and stop.

So we’re down for pictures. I’m in front of Coconut, since our last names are close in letters. We’re combing our hair, with little combs they give you. We fight over/share a handheld mirror and talk. I help him brush his “mustache”ย  and he keeps on saying he’s hot. As in cute.

Coconut: I’m hotter than you.
Me: You wish. My hair is better than yours.
Coconut: I’m taller than you.
Me: I’m better than you.
Cesar: I lov-
Teacher: That’s enough Cesar and Jessenia…
*stare at each other*
Me: I don’t know how to smile arghhh
Coconut: Your mom doesn’t know how to smile.
Me: Your face doesn’t know how to shut the-
Teacher: Cesar and Jessenia made you all lose 10 points. Thank you.
Me and Cesar: *shrug*
Class: awwww man cmon you guys
Cesar: *whispers* you’re hot
Me: oh!
Coconut: I love you
Me: *mouths colourful* (that looks like i love you)
Coconut: thanks babe
Me: oh hahahahhahah (turns away)
Back upstairs in our classroom.
Me: *sticks feet out to Coconut’s desk and hits his foot*
Coconut: *immediately puts his feet on top of mine*
*plays footsies for a while, (he making inappropriate sounds) and get tired*
We both just have our feet touching throughout class.
Science class. As soon as we sit down, I kick my feet back and find his feet. Then we repeat, plays footsies for a good five mins, and just rest our feet on top of each other for rest of period.
When either one of us are talking out loud, he really gets into it.
Sometimes we take a break, and continue our work. I’ll go back after some time, and just rest my foot on his. He doesn’t push back or refuse, just let it happen.
We’re weird xD
Back to homeroom. We chat good, and he makes me a drawing.


At our locker, I knew that he was standing over me while I was getting my stuff. I turn around real fast, and there he is. Looming over me. I stagger back into the locker, finding me stuck between the door and him. He’s smiling, I’m smiling.

While heading out the door, I tell him that he’s not a bad person. I meant it as that I see the real him, but I worded it wrong xD
He said thanks. All is well.

P.S- @Baggie, I just saw your comment about liking millions of people xD. WordPress didn’t notify me of it. My reply: yah, I like coconut and the online dudes that I meet are chill ๐Ÿ˜›
Ohhh, and the guy that drops me off after school. He wears a beanie. He likes heavy metal music. I like his hair.

Truth and Trust ft. Coconut

Heeeyyy, friends. I got the WiFi back on, so more binge watching of Rhett and Link! More talking to you guys! More happiness!

If you know me, or know know me, you know about Coconut. You know,my *achem* crush, enemy, classmate.

Today was a day I won’t forget.

A few days ago,my teacher brought up “dada art”. You take multiple pictures and make one big image. Google it. Anyways, we started making that, cutting out different pictures from magazines, thinking of ideas. Some people tried making the pope breakdance, Donald Trump be a basketball in a NBA game, make everyone seem ‘beautiful”, whatever. I was making my art of me.

I don’t know what my exact um,ย me,ย person,ย soul, seeeeeexxxxxuaaality *cough cough matpat little pineapple what* is. Um. I do like um guys, but like, I question. Straight but questionable, as you can say. Thanks Matt for helping with that.

SO, I’m really strong with the whole “everyone is equal yah yah yah corn everyone is da same” stuff. I see a drawing of a girl with one side long hair, other short. There goes my scissors, cutting it out, making one side, other really happy. “What’s wrong?’ quote crosses the girl’s eyes. Rainbow in background. Fists for hands. Body is a suit.

I saw this quote in a newspaper, “What did God do wrong?” Cut it out, posted it on top.

There goes my life.

I feel mad, posting these pictures around the head. What am ย doing?? I paste a pic of Pusheen the Cat typing on the computer. Is this me?

I go back to my desk, satisfied. I glance up, finding Cesar looking at me, then looks at my art. He studies it, and says

******* quotation marks means he’s speaking******

“I don’t get it. Explain.”

Big accomplishment, I confuse the smartest kid in the school!

Um… it’s me? We stare into each other eyes.

“Don’t worry.”

We both get it. :))

Monday, today I mean, I pray to God that it’ll be a good day. Especially that Coconut seemed reluctant to give me peace in church.

Morning time, we’re nice to each other. He keeps on playing with my hair, blowing on it, curling it, weird stuff. We talk, make a new inside joke, be all cool. We sing in harmony of SpongeBob songs, tease each other.

Afternoon time, we have to finish the dada art. Oh no. Not ready to finish it, I hate it, I want to hide. Cesar is often alone during art time. People really don’t group with him. SinceI sit across from him, I might as well keep him company. Friends ask if I want to join them, I refuse. Not to be mean, but the guy needs to share laughs.

So we’re sitting there, cutting out pictures. His is about how the church isn’t united as it used to be. We help each other find images, talk. He does often comment how much I’m blushing, which I AM NOT, so that makes me actually blush, It makes him laugh how he has the power to make me blush all the time. I feewwwl like he is a friewnd.

We start to discuss our art. I study his. He gets genuinely interested in my thoughts, then starts describing how each picture is his emotions about everything. AMazing.

“Can you help open my glue? My hands are sweaty.”

Ohhh, your hands are sweaty. I see.

” No, no, no, no, I didn’t mean that. C’mon Jessen-

*places glue cap in one hand, glue bottle in his other*


Then we glance at mine. Now Pusheen the Cat has a gender icon thing on his screen, a rainbow elephant, ‘what am I’ in caps. I get hot.

“So um, what does yours mean?’

UHhhhh it’s about, um… me…like…

“Like what? Lemme see.”

*studies art again and does his signature thinking face*

We stare in each others eyes again. I don’t know what to say.

Classmate: what is yours about Jesseniaa?

Me: Oh, um, it’s about equality, like how it’s wrong to like someone that is the same um, gender as um, you, yeah…

I feel his stare trying to make eye contact again.

Classmate: that’s cool.

Cesar: ah, I knew it. So that makes you, that?

Well, like, I don’t know who I am. See? *points at quote*

” I see. What do the shoes mean?”

Oh. That means how it is to be in-

“Someone elses shoes. I get it. Is that you? *points at girl’s face*

Uhhh no? I think.

“That. * points at computer screen with cat* That’s you talking to Matt.”

Pretty much.

“hiding online” ย quote is captioning that pic, btw

“Wow. This is deep. So, like, you have guy parts?”


“You’re gonna get surgery?” *smirks*

Wtf no.

“Are you gay or what?”

I don’t know. I’m confused.

“So you’re in the middle.”

Yep, you got it.

—-The teacher sneaks up behind me and studies art——

Teacher: Wow. This is deep. Really impressive. WOw.

*please please don’t ask questions please*

Teacher: So you’re an Atheist???

*class shuts up and listens*

Me:nonononononoonononono ima Christian Yep.

Teacher: well it seems like it. Sorry. I embarressed you.You’re all red.

Me: I blush alot. *snort from cesar*

Teacher: Well, okay. Good job. *walks away*

“Stop blushing.”

Okay. Anyways.

We talk more seriousness. I can’t remember everything.

“So are you BISEXUAL”

Shut up, I don’t talk about it like that.

“Why not?”

It’s too quiet. I don’t want everyone to know.

“Does your mom know?


“Why did you tell me of all people?”

I ponder this for a minute.

I really don’t know. I told you because you… underst- liste- you get it.

*he shuffles in his seat*

” Does anyone else know? Not like I care.”

Um…… Giselle. Yep.

“OHHHH I see. Okay.”

*stares again*

“Okay, okay. So what are you?”

Confused. I think I am but… I’m in the middle of process.

“You’re in a circle.”


“If we had a trait thing for this, you would win.”

Oh. Wait, what?

“You know, you can pass for a guy. If you were one.”

*takes off beanie* Staring thing again.

“Decreases the standards.”

“Wow. That.. hurt my feelings.

Stares again.

“Oh. Okay. You’re weird.”


Longest post ever. A legit post. 1000 words!!!

So I feel like we kinda sorta bonded. Today was good. I’ll show the art when it gets graded.

Comment thoughts below! Love y’alll xD

-Confused Jess

First Day of Eighth Grade :O

After having no sleep, I arrive at school. I awkwardly walk to my class. I see a new girl.

YOUR HAIR everyone is saying. It’s so poooofy. Cesar glances at me.

I walk inside. Desks are put into tables. I slowly walk around the classroom looking for mine. Found it. I look to see who’s desks are by me, and I see. I see Cesar glaring at me.

Every freaking year we’re seated by each other. ย We groan and sit, and give mean looks at each other. At least the new girl is a seat away from me.

My friends tease me; pointing, smiling, all that.

We talk as a class and stuff. I play it cool around him.

Teacher: I will not pair you up with anyone you DO NOT LIKE AND THINK THEY ARE ANNOYING THAT YOU JUST WANNA SLAP THEM.

Class: *immediately turns and looks at me and cesar*

Me and Cesar: *death stare everyone and get red*

We’re on the same team for a quiz. He tries stealing my pen and pretends that he isn’t.

I try ignoring him but ughh I blush too much.

The teacher asks who’s the artistic person in the class. “‘JESSSSSSSSEEEEEENNNNNIIIIAAAAA”, the class says in unison. Well, Cesar groans my name and kicks me under the desk.

The teacher wants some poster to be drawn. I take Gigi, my beeessst friend xD, to another classroom so we can work on it. We draw for about two hours while our class just goes to church without us. We laugh over our mistakes and have a good time.

Lunch time. I talk with the new girl. She’s seen me before at volleyball.

Me: you know that kid by us? I describe him.

Her:You like him don’t you.

Me: um uymumumumum noooooo okay yep sure yes I do. If you see me acting weird and blushy, it’s cuz of him.

Her: aha okay

After lunch we go upstairs back to the classroom.

Cesar: *stares at me* *looks away* i hate you

Me: uhm okay


Me: I can’t help it. It’s just me.

Cesar: Whatever. Stop blushing.

Me: *turns away and tries not to blush*

Cesar: she’s so weird right * asks newgirl*

Newgirl: *stares at him and grins*

We go to the lockers to put supplies away. Yayyyyy. I share with Cesar.ย Again.

Cesar: *takes up room and doesn’t let me get though* ย I take both shelves.

Me: *pushes him* noooope

New Girl: i see

Gigi: why so early guys, it’s barely the first day. You always fight.

Afterwards, ย New Girl catches me and Cesar staring. She pokes me and teases.

Such a day, eh guys Dx

Can’t Sleep.

It did not start out well.

My mom scolds me to get off the computer. I was devastated. I was in the middle of live streaming with MatPat. D:

I climb into bed. Comfy, warm, excited. I can’t believe that tomorrow is school! Ekk! I play some Subway Surfers while listening to Rhett and Link. I get bored after about 20 minutes, so I watch some podcasts, you guessed, of Rhett and Link. At 11 ,ย ย I put away my iPad and laid down.

An hour passed. I can’t fall asleep. I just am not tired. Half an hour more.

12:30 already. Me laying in the dark, trying to sleep. I feel very hot (I’m sick) so I go in my mom’s room. Call me names, but I like sleeping in there. It’s comfy.

I climb over my dog. She takes over half of the queen sized bed! I end up against the wall on the bed. Another two hours of me trying to sleep. 3:30 A.M. I’m praying to just get a good nights sleep.

5 A.M.ย Stillย no sleep. I walk over to my room. Staring at the clock. 6:30 A.M. 6:45.

I hear Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” blasting from my mom’s room, cuz it’s my alarm sound ย xDDD

I get ready for school.

no sleep. >-<

The Life of an Awkward Dorky Jess #5

Changing the name now. Sounds better to meeee.

A couple of days ago, I was invited to go to a party with my family. A surprise birthday party at some fancy banquet. I’m forced into some dress and some sandals. Nail polish too (ugh). My mom and sister look really nice, while I’m in some dress and my straightened-already-straightened hair. Both are really excited to go.

I dread parties. All I do at parties, no matter what type of party or who it’s for, is eat the food, sit, and just look around. Repeat. I really suck at socializing at big occasions.

We get to the banquet, and find our tables. My sister goes to a different table with her boyfriend, me sticking to my mom. We sit, and … just sit.

We get served soup. I eat the whole bread loaf.

Salad. Plate clean.

Dinner comes, and it’s chicken, fancy mashed potatoes, veggies,, gravy. I eat all of it. All the people at the table have leftovers and I’m just eating more bread.

Ice Cream and Cake. I eat all of it, and my mom’s too while watching my sister perform for the party.

A huge mariachi comes and starts playing a number of mexican songs. People are dancing, having a good time. My mom wants to dance but has no partner, so she keeps on asking me to be her partner to dance. I refuse. I would dance, if I knew HOW to dance. I can’t move my hips, twist, dance batchata. Nothing.

A couple of hours pass. A close friend keeps on telling a group of guys my age to dance with me, and they run away to avoid the question. Nyeh…

Few minutes pass, and my mom literally drags me to the dance floor. She dances all nice, while I’m staring at the floor waddling in place. She tries making me dance, but I know I’ll make a fool of myself. Heck, I already am making a fool of myself. I feel horrible. I try walking back to my seat but she grabs on tight. Tears are coming out my eyes. People are staring. I’m stupid.

We finally walk back to our seats. Tears are streaming down my face now. Some people get upset and just glare. Even the guy that this whole party is for tries making conversation. I just want to be home.

When we DO get home, I feel so ashamed of myself, not being asked to dance, can’t dance, eating too much.

So I cry to sleep, wishing this all never happened.


School is starting pretty soon, and I want to do a little project before the year comes.

I think I’m pretty decent at drawing(?), so the idea of drawing each of my, hrmm, followers/friends onto a little banner. I don’t know how everyone looks doe, so I dunno how that would work out…

But yeah, if you would want to do this with me, then we can work something out ๐Ÿ˜€

Cat School Supplies

Heyo guys, Jess here. I’m back. To- to wriiiiiite a post. Yerp.
Recently I went to school for orientation. School is nearly in a week! Lord jesus! I decorated my plain old spirals into CATS IN SPACE ONES!


I worked hard on those. Cool right :3
And most school supplies don’t have cats or galaxy stuff. So I got the basic colours of a galaxy, purple, blue, pink, black. Plus my bookbag is Cat is Space themed.


Comment your thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚ see you guys laterrrrr

If You at Least Care then Read This Post

Hi guys. Um..
I’m Jess. Of course. Jessenia that’s been here for over a year. Jessenia that has been the jolly, happy, girl that cheered everything up. I think.
I like posting posts. It’s fun, a whole different universe to post your art and such. I have fun. I don’t know if you guys enjoy my posts though…
My old friends, real friends, have been drifting away here on WordPress. Comment on each others blogs, have fun…
But recently, I feel… alone.
Those people have left and I just feel like I’m doing nothing for posting. I just see people scrolling, and just liking every post without actually reading it. I hate that.
It’s like we older WordPressers are leaving and new ones are coming in and doing stuff like gaming and chicken and all that. I’m not… a part of all that so I’m like the only person who… who posts these kind of long posts. And it hurts.
So I don’t know if I should leave… I don’t know if my posts are read worthy or anything. They are just there.
Comment your thoughts. Thanks.


Crazy! Thanks so much guys ๐Ÿ˜€
Seems like no one really missed my posts … :/
But I guess. Here’s a pic of where I do ALL of my artwork. I also love doing it on the floor, but what is the use of a picture of my floor lol


(Currently working on Rhett and Link logo drawing…)
Also into beanies now. I would post me in a beanie, if this post gets some notifications for meh lele
Okay. Thank YOU for reading this, and being you.

Math Camp @IMSA

Hey People!I don’t know if you realized that I haven’t posted in a week, but that is true. I left for a Math Camp, which I had to stay there for a week. I learned many things.

1. The first person you meet won’t be your best-est friend.

2. Be careful what you post on Instagram.

3. What graph theory is.

4. Your weirdness can scare people off.

5. Cornfields.

I ended up being stuck in a girly girl clique, being dragged into it and all. no one there was my type of person. Most of them prissy, gossipy, boy obsessed girls.

No wifi either… so I was stuck.


I went to Mythicon with my friend. expecting tons of people.

We saw no Mythical Beasts… so we ended up shopping at Target and Claires.

I got a new catshirt (Firk ;3)

And that’s it….

Bye, dorks.

Eat a pickle.

Robotics Camp Day 5

Are you guys even reading these? I know they’re long, but ya know…
It’s the last day ;_;
Morning, Mom drops me off in front of camp. I’m praying over and over for Trevor. Really nervous.
The same kid that called me immature yesterday walks by and walks in the building with me. He asks about Trevor and stuff. I walk in, and I see Diane, a friend. We got closer in bondage because of the building of our robot, Bobby JR. We watch some Hetalia together.
Lalala, we build more on the bot, now it’s snack.
Edi is in front of me, so I think today will be a good day.
Me- I am in the right line! Woot!
Edi- Haha :mrgreen:
I get my oranges and a muffin. I ask to visit Trevor, and I quietly walk to the room. I look for Edi, and he looks busy with programming a game with a student. Me, being me, ask to see Trevor.
Edi- Uhhhh nooo.. :\
Me- Oh. Okay.
I was really looking forward to seeing him. I felt very rejected. I was mad at Edi just because.

I tried avoiding him because I got embarrassed in front of those kids. At lunch I avoided walking near his table. For recess, I stood in the work on my bot, Bobby JR. During recess, while I was on a chair looking for a colour sensor in the bin, Edi walks in and looks at me standing on the chair. I feel like I’m caught doing something bad, plus I’m smad. But he says a slow hi, so I say hi back and hide my face behind the bins. He goes out the class door into the outside. Well that was awkward.
After a while, we clean up stray Lego pieces. My favourite. I love sorting things. Then there’s the tournament. Sumo Bots! I can’t really explain what happens. So, I’ll maybe upload the video onto YouTube?
Anyways, we won. Diane and I. We. Us. WE WON THE CLASS SUMO BOT TOURNAMENT WE ARE SO COOL ๐Ÿ™‚
I took pics, but they have faces, so….
But then.
Please note this.
There is a boy in my class, and everyone makes fun of him being feminine. He dances to songs that are playing, even dubstep music, likes to pretend he is a girl, he even picked out FAIRY WINGS as a prize from a game we had at camp, so…
We all come together to fill out a survey. Typical questions, like your name, gender, class name, most fun things about the session, suggestions.
But, (lets call him Bill) starts shaking. Literally shaking hard in his stool. We all panic and ask what is wrong.
Bill- They are asking for my gender. This is discrimination.
He gets in a verbal fight with the teacher about having an “other” check box.
Me- Do you really have to make a commotion about this? Just check something or make your own box.
Bill- YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. *starts banging head with hand*
We are all just sitting there. Some of the guys put an other box too. I don’t know if it’s just to make fun of, or to support. I quietly check off girl on my paper, while he’s scribbling all over the gender question on the survey, and sobbing.
That changed me.
Just to add other details, he even called his bot “Butterfly”, and his partner made fun of him in front of the crowd saying how “manly” it was. My presentation was alright, and pretty fun to brag about winning.
If you may want to know, Edi gave me a smile across the room when he was standing up there , while I was smiling and listening. I was like wut HE DOESN’T HATE ME
After presentations, we take apart our robots. We record it, so we can rewind it and make it look like we know how to build a robot ๐Ÿ™‚ I accidently dropped a piece, and felt stupid.
Teacher- That’ll look like you’re ,making the piece hovering from the ground now..
Me and the SuperFolder Kid- LIKE THE FORCE?!
I immediately start dropping pieces to make me use the force ๐Ÿ˜€
I say bye, give high fives.
I persuade my Mom to go into the Digital Game Design room. She meets Edi, and I stroll to Trevor. They talk about my obsession, and Edi apologizes for not giving the chance to take him home. I immediately want to give him a hug, but felt weird about approaching him like that, even that we had a bond.
We high five, and I walk slowly to the door.

“Bye Edi!! Bye, guys'”
They all say bye.
Oh lord. Ima miss them. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
But I do have Edi’s phone number (don’t ask xD)

Robotics Camp Day 4

Info, this is the 201st blog post on this site! Thanks for reading them ๐Ÿ™‚
Yesterday was not all that interesting for a post.

Snack time for the morning. I get behind some kid to get myself a handful of sliced apples and Sunflower Seed-Butter (kinda like peanut butter?) on some crackers. The kid screeches “YOU’RE CUTTING THE LINE EXCUSE YOU”. I said, this is the line, but I see that I completely cut a long line of 20 people, after looking up. I blush and go to the end. Edi and my friend Diane shake their heads at me.
“I can’t believe that you just cut the line.” Edi sarcastically comments.
Then there’s an awkward silence. So I ask about Trevor (the cactus).
“How’s Trevor?”
Edi- “Oh, he died. He’s very sad.”
Me- What?! He died? What happened? Is that why your eyes are watery?”
Edi- “Oh, well he’s dying of sadness. You haven’t visited him, so.”
Me- “Oh shoot. Can I visit? Right now?”
Edi- “Sure. *grin* ”
While we’re making our cracker sandwiches, I ask him if he thought Trevor was a code name for something.
“No, why?”
Relief in my head, but I feel like he thinks differently.
“Because some kids thought it was, and they said that they told you.. Which it isn’t. Trevor is just a cactus.”
“Oh. Well. Okay.”
We walk to his classroom, and I skip to Trevor. I hold him and pet him. I realize that I got two cactus spikes stuck in my finger. I tell Edi about it, and he wants me to go to the nurse, but I refuse because how the heck do you explain how you got cactus spikes in you at camp?! XD
Then we’re all just chilling, we talk about hippos, our ages, cacti.
One kid asks if Edi is still bringing the cookies tomorrow, and Edi glares at him and says “thanks for being a snitch”.
I gasp and demand for a cookie tomorrow.
Here comes the cool part.
Me- “I really want Trevor.”
Edi- “Why?”
Kid- “Wait, you like him?”
Me- “Yep. As in like like him.
Kid- :O
Edi- “Did you just say like like him haha”
Kid- “No offence, but you are immature.”
Me- “hahah I know.”
Edi- “But what if being in love with a cactus is a sign of maturity? Being in love and all.”
Kid- “Oh no…”
Edi- “But hey, maybe the lady that owns Trevor will do a deal with you. I dunno.”
Me- “Wait, what?! So if I bring in a plant, a cool plant, I can maybe keep Trevor?!”
Edi- “Sure. I’ll ask her when I see her.”
Let’s go to recess, cuz lunch was all about eating and I didn’t talk alot.
I wait for Edi to come out so he can organize a game of Ultimate Frisbee. No one really wanted to play, so us and another kid started playing some soccer. I am so horrible at it. I missed the goal every time unless there wasn’t a goalie. A girl asked if I was good at soccer, and I was in the middle of saying I was very bad, but then Edi cut in and said “She’s so awesome at it!” I was like wut im very horrible wut
I was picking up a soccer ball, and then i felt a “blow” to my behind. It was really hard. I screeched, and turned around and saw Edi with his hands on his smiling face in shock, yelling-asking if I was okay and it was an accident and all that. IT STILL HURTS T.T
Later on, I heard Edi say Oh Sh#! while playing. I yelled, oh oh, I heard that.
He looked really worried and begged me not to tell anyone. I dealed with him for a cookie for tomorrow. Remember that he was bringing cookies?
Anyways, I asked him a couple times to see if he reached the lady that owns Trevor. He kept on saying no, and I got more depressed and depressed. I really hope I can get him, which seems weird. I know I can just buy a cactus, but eh. Trevor is my bae.
The end of the day, I visit Trevor. Then I ask Edi if I should still bring a plant, and he said that I most likely will not get him. So I’m very sad. Pray for me to get Trevor PLEASE!
Me- “Well, you’re still bringing me my cookie, right? For an accidental on purpose purpose?”
Edi- “I don’t know what you’re talking about :P”

Message from Brace_Face…

Hello, SFs.
Well, I have obviously left WordPress. You guys might think I am pulling a prank or something, but I’m not. Don’t expect me to return, because I won’t. And don’t ask Jessenia for my contact info, because I will contact you if I actually want to stay in contact with you. I left because I wanted to. Have a good rest of the summer people. And thanks for posting this jess.
– Brace

Robotics Camp Day 2

The morning isn’t interesting, so I’ll skip that.
At lunch, I had my tray in my hands. I didn’t feel like sitting with my class, so I stall the time by putting lots of toppings on my sandwich and getting a glass of lemonade. I see Edi kinda waiting for me, but I don’t wanna seem pitiful, so I look around for a seat. I see friends on their phones, counselors eating. I don’t know where to sit, so I spot a seat across from Edi. He looks up, and I gesture toward the seat on front of him. He nods, grins, and I sit. The counselors seem surprised to see a kid sit next to them, but just a hello. They all exclaimed that I looked tired, and asked me what was wrong. Nothing really, just the fact I have to wake up 3 hours earlier than the program starting hour.  We make conversation, talk about my family and sports and food. Mostly about my sisters, and we just left the subject alone because we wouldn’t refer to each sister with a name, just as “other sister” which was really confusing when every sister was “other sister” xD
When there was an awkward silence, I ate more of my sandwich.
“You eat your sandwich weird.”
I glance up and Edi is gesturing at my sandwich.
“How? This is how I always eat it…”
“You’re holding it like a slice of pizza.”
The director of the camp says “Don’t make fun of her way of eating her sandwich!”
That creates a burst of laughter, including me, mostly because of his accent made it sound like “sahnwheech” lololol xD
I put my sandwich down so I can make a huge deal out of it, which made more laughter.

Afternoon, we made a robot. While waiting for instructions, I saw Edi pass by and wave. Waved back. My friend built it, with special help of me giving him the pieces and fixing problems. The robot’s name is “Charlieeeeee.”


I made alot of “that’s what she said” jokes when he would yell out perfect things for the joke while getting frustrated at the Lego Robot. You can imagine xD
I saw Trevor too, and lots of kids in Digital Game Design called me weird for petting a cactus. They played my game,according to Edi.
While leaving, everyone said it was cold outside, and I yelled MAN UP! Everyone looked at Edi, who was shivering.
“Especially you, you cat obsessed guy!”
Laughter haha xD
Good day.

Robotics Camp Day 1

So, I’m at camp. We’re making a demo robot so get used to programming. I don’t know what is happening, how to program or anything. My partner is doing all the work, so I’m not learning anything. Smh.
At lunch, I’m walking with my group and all, and they sit at a table. I’m about to sit, but there aren’t any seats. Then a girl pulls up a chair and sits, but there is still no more room. They all glance at me, and start talking. I sadly walk away, plop myself down at then end of a long lunch table, and start eating. I barely eat because of depressment, and just get on my phone and pretend to do something. Soon enough, a new Digital Game Design class and Edi come along and they all sit at my table. None dare to sit near me though, but Edi sits diagonally from me. He instantly asks why I’m not sitting with my group, and I tell him what happened.
“Those jerks”, he said. I smile.
I ask if he is sure that his group was the same age as his old group with me, because they looked young. He sadly shook his head no. I asked if it was harder, and he smiled and said yes.
We found out that his brother works with my sister, and he messages his brother to ask if it is true. I’ll find out tomorrow. We just keep on talking about chill stuff, keeping me company. We laugh a lot. Then it’s time for recess.
“You’re usually so jumpy and excited and energetic and happy! What happened?!”, asked Edi.
“I usually make a new friend on the first day to hang out with, but I didn’t do that today. I failed.”
“You have these guys!” *points at fifth graders*
“But they’re fifth graderssss!”
“Oh, so you think you’re so cool don’t you😛 .”
“Nooooo hahah.”
Then Edi just talks about people that are chill to be friends with me.
“But I’m shy!”
“You are so not shy, Jess.”
*looks at him as if yeah right*
“I can see how your shy, now. Don’t worry, everything will be fine.”

Which did, I played with some Mythical Beasts, but soon enough I ended up sitting on the bleachers watching kids play soccer.

Starlight Blogger Award…?!

Thanks OY30 for nominating me. That’s nice of ya. Idk what your link to your blog is so ill get that in a bit…


  • Thank and link back to the person that nominated you for the award..
  • Answer the questions given to you and give questions in return for your nominees.
  •  Nominate 6 (that’s a lot) other bloggers.

That’s a lot to nominate. It’s not even nominating, it’s just having everyone get a chance. :T


Do you have an inspirational quote?

No. I dislike quotes. 

What’s my favorite colour?

Lime green, or mint green.

Why Did I start following OY30?

Cuz he was on my recommended list of who to follow, knew him on OY.

What is my goal in lyfe?

To meet all the role models in the past 13 years of my lyfe. And to meet an online friend, because I see it all over Instagram but people i know irl say no…


I nominate:





(I can’t think of anyone else….)


  1. Why did you choose to start a blog? Be honest.
  2. How’d you find my site?
  3. Cacti or Flowers?

Gay Thoughts

Okay. All this fighting is just ridiculous. You guys are all fighting over a thing that is a law. It’s like fighting over women being able to vote, or whatever.
I’ve been waiting for this day. I’m truly excited. Making this post means a lot to me.. Been wanting to post it on The Thought Hub, but I feel like it has a better place on a blog I feel connected to.
I ship people. People. Like Rhett and Link, Dan and Phil, SpongeBob and Patrick, Me and That-Random-Guy -on- the-Bus-That-Look-Like -Someone -I- Know-ish Even-Though -He-Is -Way- Older-Than-Me. Sometimes when people ship the same gender, people get crazy. They ask “don’t they have wives?” Or say mean insults.
I’m not leading well into what I’m trying to say.
Let say that one day, a couple days before Christmas, I hacked into the wifi at my crummy stupid apartment. I instantly email Matt, because I’ve been trying to ask him for advice. Advice for me. Me to… I had trouble finding my identity. I asked myself, “am I gay” everyday. My mom would force me into dresses, skirts, girly stupid clothes. I would say no to shopping for makeup, nail polish, ya know. I knew that Gay only meant (okay irl im crying now) went for a guy liking his same gender. I’m not a man, but I really wanted to be gay. So transgender had an opportunity for me, to become gay-ish. But I still only wanted to be gay. Tyler Oakley and Matt seemed so happy, always optimistic because they both were happy gay and gay. But Matt ended up not being gay, but yeah. But It doesn’t really make sense because I’m trying to summarize it, but I told Matt because I only had an hour of wifi, and he’s kinda been through the same thing. I got an email about three minutes later, and some really nice advice. Not some cheap, overused advice, but advice meant only for me. I felt real to it. He understood. I even wrote his advice down, and read it everyday to remember it. You guys might think that is a creepy weird thing, but it’s a bondish sortish thing. I can’t explain. So anyways, after I shared that with Matt, I couldn’t stop wanting to be gay. I told my friend on NYEve, and she just okayed it. We talked about it irl, but using gay as the term “pickle”. So I wrote everywhere that (here comes to tears again, no joke) I was pickle. You guys may get references from older posts about pickle now…
Cesar always called me Gay too. That really made me think more about it. That all he would say.
“Are you lesbian?”
“Are you gay??”
“I know, Jessenia, I know.”
So that is why I was pretty much depressed around December-January time. I felt like he actually knew. Both people knew. And there I was, loving those two’s advice and weirdness to keep my head up.
This is the most legit post I have ever made. So. Don’t just like it if you don’t actually like it. See ya, peeps. * crys and eats a potato ;)*
^Inside joke, not joke but inside thing*
+NYEEEHHH. I AM NOT. IM JUST CONFUSED and i wish Matt would still email me to give me his long advice…
But yah. Just confused

Digital Game Design Camp Ended!

Hey Followers! I’m on the train right now, going home from cam. So what should I do? Make a post!
I feel like I’m going to cry while writing this. Hopefully not…

Digital Game Design CAMP ended today. I had so much fun. The food was delicious, I made new friends, made a game, made people there listen to Rhett and Link and become MBs. We presented our games in front of a huge crowd of kids and parents today. Not expected!! I was shaking with excitement? Nervousness? I dunno.
Anyways, my sister and my instructor (Edi) told me that it looks like i can present well. The other kids rambled on with their game, which made the parents a little bored. But I kinda remember nine, so I’ll type that down..
-It’ll only make sense if you played my game-
Me- Hello people, I’m Jessenia. I’ll be showing you my game, obviously.
*sits in front of Apple Laptop*
Me- So my game is called “Save the Mini Wheats”. You are a bowl of cereal
*more laughter* and you try to catch the cereal. Avoid the rocks and sticks though, or you’ll lower your score.
*demonstrates how to play*
Also, you can now shoot out milk! * extreme laughter for a while* I shot out the milk. It even destroys the sticks! (Check it out again to use that feature, use spacebar to use it and destroy the obstacles)
Here’s all the coding. It may seem like a little (glare from teacher) but it means a whole lot for this game. There’s also a time when you win, but I’m not going to play for 173 Mini Wheats just to show you that… *laughter*
And that’s it. ๐Ÿ˜€
*cheers and happiness and awesomeness and love and energy and aahhh*
I got alot of laughter. I feel so speshel :3
My squad and I went up the stairs to our classroom. We said bye to everything; the chairs, laptops, cacti, the usuals. I couldn’t stop shaking from excitement. We all talked. I pulled out my drawing of two cats that I made for him and said “let your fondness of cats show!” He laughed.
Edi- You did really good. The presentation was great.
  The only thing I didn’t like is when you said it wasn’t alot of code. You worked hard on this, so it was awesome!!
Me-  Thanks! So can we all take a selfie now…?
We all took a selfie.


BTW, the SF is the kid in the black t-shirt. ๐Ÿ˜€
Also just a normal picture.



So yah. You can tell who’s me… Rhett and Link shirt? Brown hair? Next to Edi?
Sorry I blabbled alot. I want to remember today, because it was so much fun!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait for next week!!


Blogger of 2015 is.. Me!

SuperFolder of 2015 is… John!

Best Female Blogger is… Me!

Best Male Blogger is… OY30!

Best Male SuperFolder is… OY30!

Best Female SuperFolder is… Me! I personally think Lou and I get it equally)

Best Blog goes to… OY30!

Best Detailer On Origami goes to… OY30!

Best WordPress Username goes to… MyrMyr! Obvious he would win this one โ˜๐Ÿผ๏ธโ˜๐Ÿผ

Best Photos goes to… Brace_Face!

Best Punctuation goes to… MyrMyr!  How ironic from his comment from wanting it xP

Most Professional SuperFolder is… OY30!

Most Professional Blogger is… OY30!

Most Creative goes to… Cammy and OY30!

Most Original is… OY30!

Most Friendly is… OY30!

Most Thoughtful is… OY30!

Most Nerdy is… Me!

Most Funny is.. Me! (What!?)

Weirdest is… Tanner!

Most Good Looking is… John! ( Brace, OY30, and me got second)

Congrats to everyone who participated! Check back to see who got placed after 1st. Don’t bother trying to change the results with an extra vote, because these are THE OFFICIAL RESULTS. 


My note: I kinda hoped everyone would get a chance, but lo que paso, paso. (Daddy Yankee Reference, Mexican SFs) What ever happens, happens. It is a vote, vote can/cannot be fair. 

I almost screamed that I got Blogger of 2015. I was so desperate to win that one. More than SF of 2015 XD 

I wanted Best Punctuation too, but MyMyr beat me to it XD

Nerdy I was desperate for. 0-o

Funniest? Is that supposed to be a joke or something? I’m perfectly fine with that, but me? Funny? Wut?


๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜„ night!

The Life of An Awkward Dork Person #4

Hey, people. :3

1. Today at camp, we were playing Apples to Apples. I’m new at it. So one person put down the green card of “Dirty”. I wasn’t gonna put down soap, or car, so I put ” My Dreams.”  The adults all looked at me suspiciously.

2.  I put Richard Nixon as “Hot” in Apples to Apples. Cereal wasn’t so

3. One card said “Zany.” I screamed out ZAYN!! The camp leader said “Didn’t he leave from 1D?”

“He’s stil in our hearts”, I said. 

He said ” I had a 1D book here at camp that’s someone forgot, and when Zayn left, I crossed his face out on the pages he was on.”

Me: How can you do that do the bรฆ??!

Him: did, did you just say bรฆ! LOL

4. I had luggage when I came here for my sisters house. I went up her stairs and waited by her door. She and her BF come out a few mins later holding five bags each ( they went on a trip) and looked at me like BRUHH

5. I’m making a video game at camp. I make the background of Rhett and Link. One kid says Rhett and Link! From Good Mythical Morning! I screeched YOURE A MYTHICAL BEAST OMFG!!!! (Did not actually say $&@!) the whole class turned silent on me…

6. Not awkward, but,.

We played 2 Truths, One lie. I said 

I have a pet golf named Larry.

I have a pet unicorn.

I folded 1000 yodas.



We made Yodas together afterwards.