Haha not so funny.

I hate the word haha now. I hate it! RAGHHHHHH

crease titans we need to work this out.


25 thoughts on “Haha not so funny.

  1. It was one of your favorite words!!! 😦 nevermind about all this. It’s partly my fault. I’m so so sorry. I don’t want to see you banned, and neither do you. We were just having fun.. But sometimes when you keep on doing it, a bad thing happens.

    I’m sorry,
    Not Princess now, just.. Just Ella.

    (P.S I was never really a princess, nobody’s perfect πŸ˜‰ )


      1. I’ll tell you, well, basically, on SFTZ, jessenia said “Everybody who wants to chat say ‘haha'” and then we all (alexdarth, michael, me, and jessenia) said “Haha” but we ended up spamming haha-ness, like
        and michael did a looooooong one with

        you get it… but we kept on doing it and then we were like, “We don’t wanna get in trouble lets stop” and then Snoopygirl reported us… and well, then we got really sad, and then!!! Tom and Sam on the WMS page said something like, “I dont know what all this spam thing is about but you guys are fine” or something. so…


    1. I kinda feel you blamed that on me πŸ˜› , I saw alex (or someone ) put a really long one and I took that as a challenged πŸ˜› … honestly being reported isn’t the end of the world πŸ˜› you girls are too sensitive… jk lol


      1. No no! It’s okay!!! I didn’t blame it on you!!!! πŸ˜› 😑 I’m not too sensitive. Please don’t say that. :/ even though it’s a joke. If it was, well, don’t do a negative joke please.


      2. Its kinda true though πŸ˜› , I honestly don’t care if I get reported, because its not like it sticks with you, there are some times that you get reported, and you gotta deal with it :/ . That is my opinion of people reporting


  2. I still can’t get those comments out of my mind…

    Not your “H-word” comments, but i remember going to WS’s page, and i saw that someone had reported me! I was like 😯

    I got over it, and i am friends (i think) with the person who reported me (right moochael?) and i am still sorry for that mean acronym (which by the way, i have something to explain…)

    moochael, someone told me Enderman was awesome. So that is why i put it in the acronym (sorry!!!!)

    And when i said “Attack” i didn’t mean that we attack you, i meant that your good at attacking, which someone told me was a compliment. (still sorry!!!!)

    and about that one “little irrating”. Uh, well at the time i was mad at you for something (idk what anymore), but i don’t mean it anymore!

    So ya. There is the explanation for the “mean” last three words.

    Flappy Bird Highscorer
    Metalbeard Master
    Interesting Name
    Cookie Comparer
    Awesomer than Sweg
    Luminous being you are

    SORRY if these give you any offense..


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