Purse_Girl’s list!

Purse_Girl wanted this done, so we went through some stuff, so here are the pics of entries! 12 (mine is coming up) is up! Look at them and see which one is the BEST! (Opinion) They look  creative.image SF Johnimage IsabellaPauseen PauseenimageSF EnderDragonimage    SF_Firkimage SF JCimage landoCalrissian96image awesome ewok imageSF Liamimage SF_MattWeb2000







17 thoughts on “Purse_Girl’s list!

        1. ok go to new post and click on add media. click on create gallery and then click media library. click the pictures you want in the slide show. after you do that click create new gallery. now look at the thing that says gallery settings. click on type and chose slide show. now click insert gallery. and your now done. that’s the basics.


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