Thanks People! ALOT!!!!

Thank you so much! I have 7,000 views and countng! And again I didn’t notice. I’ve been blog bombing, so watch out to gte some notifications from your blog from me!!!! ^_^ Can’t wait to get Pickletine!!! WOOO!!! You guys mean a lot to me πŸ™‚ okay, cya!

Eat a pickle.

PS: you guys should check out the WordPress app. It’s so stooky! Only bad thing is that you can’t check your stats.




14 thoughts on “Thanks People! ALOT!!!!

  1. Congrats! And you are in Pickletine! I am in poland, so i need to wait even maybe 2 or more weeks to get Pickletine! AARGHHHH! IT COULD BE 1 WEEK, BUT I DONT KNOW im so annoyed


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