Rubberbani Yoda!

imageHere is my Rubberbandi yoda! The first XD He’s funny looking. I just winged it. Came out cool. Enjoy!


131 thoughts on “Rubberbani Yoda!

            1. Why do you try to see what I’m about to say or think. I wasn’t thinking that. My yoda. And my memory up there is when I emailed cool SFs. ๐Ÿ™‚ but that was before the shutdown


            2. HA! Cuz as the Cesar would say, people these days. Oh him. Can’t wait to tell him stuffs. …
              That reminds me. I told him what happened on the TZ yesterday. He asked why was I telling him stuff if he didn’t care. And he makes fun of … Ppl. I get mad at him. -.- man…


            3. ok..
              I’m waking up, I need silk touch
              An unbreakable sword, and my bow needs punch.
              Tell the villagers, Iโ€™m ready to go
              Iโ€™ve got experience , My tables up, Iโ€™ve been through forests and the desertโ€™s dust.
              This is it, itโ€™s time to level up
              That might have been too much.. sry


            4. Really? I just bred my chickens! And i made a pistone-redstone secret entrance!! I also made an infinite water source for the troweled land. But a spider trampled it! D; at least i have the beacon i got from the wither. Unfortunately, it needs a pyramid of emerald-diamond-iron-gold blocks.


            5. Quartz is common, but only found in the nether, accesed by making a 5×4 obsidian structure and using flint and steel to activate it. Heh heh i love messing with you


            6. Grr.. JESSENIA USES SMARTS! POWWW
              Do they have cleavage or fracture?i think that’s how you spell it. What kind if luster? Hardness? Hardness of nail? Streak colour? Hmmm?


            7. One paragraph done. ACK
              Well.. Funny thing that happens.. My crush is in my language arts class, and her name is Maria but she goes by Allison.. My teacher still calls her Maria though, and every time she facepalms and whispers “It’s Allison! Allison!” lol


  1. This is probably weird, but I just made a 5 fold yoda and asked it a question, and the answer came to my head so ridiculously fast and the answer was so awesome that it had to be the force. Anyway that’s all.
    (also posted this on DV’s site)


  2. Should I get MC on my Chromebook? Chrome can’t run MC so i need to download Linux but that’s 198 MB.. I do have it on my PC though so it might not be necessary… (BTW if you buy MC once you never need to buy it again provided you know your password)


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