I met Tom!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH

Okay. So. Here we go.
I met him!!! He is so nice and very funny ^_^
I’ll post the time there.. But ima erase some words *gets delete button ready*
So this is what happened
I got there, and I was creaming so much. I had to stand up Becuase all the seats were taken. When Tom came out, I screamed and jumped. He is so funny! We had a guessing game. He draws a character and we guess. I won the first pic of Ms Lady Luggertuck. XD He asked who said it, and I raised my hand. He said OH JESSENIA! Good to see you!!! And he asked how to spell my name, and he spelled it right. Spelled it as L-A-R-R-Y. Good job Tom. Then he was asking who was a SUPERFOLDER. Bout five people were. I didn’t recognize them. I said Jessenia. I think I remember SF_Vader. He said visit the site and hang out with Jessenia :3
Then he juggled with the mastered pros!!! World class jugglers!!
I DID, AND HAD MY HAND OVER MY MOUTH. I was starstrucked. We folded the giant yoda!!! AHH it was funny cuz-
Him- You don’t want your yoda tall!!! Right? *peorple cheer*
You want it short like Jessenia!
Me- :0
Him- :0 Sorry Jessenia.
People- :0
He meant to say yoda. Lol. It was AWKWARD ^_^
Rhen he said i was ver quiet. He asked me if I ever folded one before. I said.. Maybe 1000…
He said SHE FOLDED, 1000 YODAS!!!! Everyone- :0
Then we folded it. I held out my hand to have the yoda on my finger. But he slam dunked me wth the yoda, and I danced. :3 I remember green paper. Then he took it off. He presented me the prize… EL DEAFO!!! SO HAPPY!!
Then he had book signings. I bought fake mustache. I was last because I didn’t have a number. But then I realized I had a reserved seat! I waited and stuff. People were looking at me, and showing me their origami. XD And a little older lady was talking to me. She was so sweet! Then I went up. I had the entire set. Like, the book people were staring at me. I said Hi! He said hi. I can’t exactly remember because I was so star strucked. He was taking his time. :3 I gave him a painting. I gave him two OY Braclets. He asked how I made them. I said “I just did it”. LOL.
He put them on but it was hard for him to sign. So he just put them on the side. One for cece too. We were talking a lot. The book workers were staring. They were asking “do they know each other?”
He asked me about Tom, my pets, my sister, and his life. We were talking about the site. He said Sam is ready to pull his hair out. Lol. He said the commotion between BatMan_Returns and Robby is getting to him. I said “that feud is over”. He said YAY! He said there is some fighting, but he still keeps the site. He said “if it wasn’t for you- *deletes words for no commotion to start but it made me cry*
I asked if he knew if Matt left, he said MATTWEB2000?!? What happened?
*awkward silence*
Just some stuffs.
Tom- Okay. * signs another book*
I kept saying thank you. Then he stopped what he was doing, and.. He told me I was awesome. He loved all of my work. Then he said somehting that he said “that he wouldn’t make a post about, or else”. Tee hee. I was so red in the face. And was I was wiping tears away. Man why so emotional
I asked about the mega doodle. Got it! It’s the rubber ducky one.
And I asked him his toothpaste. *achem* tee hee. I know now :333333
People- huh?
He gave a me an original drawing. Heh. Of an ewok. :333
We hugged and took a pic.
When I was leaving, I heard “look what Jessenia made me!! So stooky!!” :3
Kept calling me awesome. :3
Aw. I love this day.

So yeah. Couldn’t stop smiling. I’ll post pics. As you can see I’m very surprised.
Man oh man. Man. Most pic sare on my moms phone so… I’ll post them later.













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