11,000 views!!! :P

Helloooooooooo SFs! Semi- great news! I didn’t move yet… so… I’m here for the time being. Lots of family commotion…
Besides that, I made the origami dragon you see on OY. Bout 400 pieces of paper. Pieces stick together. BUT, I used glue to hold it together because my dog would try to eat it.
Currently having a fun life, though I see at school im a main victim of being made fun of. Pranks pulled on me, my pet Larry ( a mysterious golf ball in my locker) being thrown… :/
Trying to have a positive image. WOOOO! Woo…
gave a rubber band Apple to my fav teacher. Loved it! (Forgot to take pic)
Hmm… Yeah.
There you go!

Also, thanks for 11,264 views! You guys are just so awesome!!!! 😀 yay!
*gives hug to everyone*
*Might have an art contest soon. Haven’t had one since … March or April… It was April.


43 thoughts on “11,000 views!!! :P

      1. 😀 This one just seemed really important. I will definitely enter the next one. I’m so sorry you are teased at school. There are so many people at my school and I don’t even really get noticed by mean popular people.


  1. And I feel ya, literally. A kid named $@#% (jk) Jacob is a total jerk and beats the living waffles outa me! It’s kind of ironic, that he is like, and I’m not just saying this cause he’s a Butt, the ugliest kid in school! Yet he popular. And than there is this girl who thinks she all popular and has tons of friends… And she looks like a pig. Sigh, people are so stupid. 😦


    1. Yay!!! Cant wait to see it! It just comes out 3D. I recommend just watching the ventire video before you start. I had some trouble doing it because it was unclear…
      But i always do 3D origami


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