Live TTJ! (HbM!)

Hey guys! Im kinda back. Im on a phone! Not mine..
May today be awes- I mean TRIANGULAR!! How old ya turnin?
Praying for wifi..
I keep on having weird dreams about you guys. Each day, i dream of a different SF and of me meeting them. :3
I miss you guys.
Anyways, ask away! Chat to me! And hurry, cuz i cant waaaait! Hehehhe


107 thoughts on “Live TTJ! (HbM!)

  1. Your having dreams of meeting superfolders? I keep having a dream were i ahve the Flashes powers and I run superfast to chicago, and I meet you. :/


  2. Jess, what’s on the green paper that Tom gave you? Matt also has one btw. Is it an invitation for a secret SF Convention? Instructions for cover yoda? Revealing stuff about any new OY books? TELL ME!!!


      1. No. But, I did send Tom a letter in October. I’m pretty sure I won’t get a response to my new letter until January or something. PS. Which Mega Doodle did he give you when you met him?


  3. Sorry, I probably missed it but, hiyo Jess! I hope you’re having fun at your new house! We wish you luck with the wifi! (I’m not doing too well anyway. For the highest customer satisfaction rate, AT&T isn’t doing so well…) bye!


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