My Birthday!!!

Its my BIRTHDAY!!!!
Im 13!!!! An official teenager!
Today i had a good day. So nice! I passed out cupcakes at school, received candy in this.shoe i made at school, and got stuff.. also got a pack of cookies from a teacher


Got this for free at Panda Express.
Drawing from friend and 1D stuffs!
Pumas! (Shoe)

Cookies from teacher and Growing thingy!!


22 thoughts on “My Birthday!!!

  1. Hello teenager! I know you’re never offline, so I think it’s fair that you should be an author on the Thought Hub.
    You probably, like many people, don’t know the site’s purpose. It was hastily created in the wake of the Matt disaster(?), but came too late. People on the TalkZone ignored it, and treated the idea as another thing that would go away. What we do is get all the authors we can, and tell them to write down their thoughts in the form of “Aside” posts. The idea is to have all heck break loose as people get in to heated debates about thoughts. Sorta like the TalkZone, minus the moderation. A stress reliever. A chance to say what you want to say without judgement.
    However, authors these days mainly post memes and occasionally stuff that makes no sense. It’s sad.
    You have the power, the will, to change all that. We know you can. For now…
    We’re doing a 12-day holiday advent. We’ll all write down cheery(or sad) holiday thoughts over the course of 12 days. Origami, pics from real life, and anecdotes are perfectly welcome. We wish to create a festive, fun, and thought-rich environment.
    We could use you as an author on my site, is all I’m saying. We need views.
    Say “yes” for yes, and “no” for no.


    1. P.S. You’re the only one who I’m saying all this to. Think about what that means for a sec before I tell you.

      You’re popular. Tell everyone you know to visit the Thought Hub. We need authors to help with the advent. The bigger, the better. It’s only 12 days, after all.


  2. Happy Birthday! I didn’t know you were around 13…so you are older than me. But I’m close behind! P.S I’m sorry I’ve been silent for so long… I’ve been busy. Good Job making it this far! In your life! And I hope you enjoy…uh…the rest of it. or something. Hmmph. This is a rather long comment isn’t it. I need to stop making sarcastic sentences about making sarcastic sentences about long comments like this one. I’m not sure how to end this now… Happy Birthday!


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