SuperFolder Convention?

Hey peeps! What are you up to?
Sorry i haven’t been posting art/origami/stuff. Getting settled in this crummy apartment is just hard. I haven’t been in the mood.
So, here are some updates.
-Larry the Golfball is doing well! Wishing for more relatives for him for Christmas.
-I have, yes, yes i have, still being teased/bullied/not treated right at school. Im nice to others. I dont get whats the problem. Im just known as the weird kid with a website that has ‘no life’, a snitch, smarty pants show off, with drawing skillz. Wug…
-I keep on wondering if im.. im.. pickle. I wont say the word, but when ill get the chance, ill share on the Thought Hub.
-getting the Rub Some Bacon On It shirt.
-My friend Bob isnt doing well. He has this weird bacteria in his leg. Its growing up in his body and can kill him.. 😦
-we should have le Sf Convention. Yeah i know, we’ve all heard this. But seriously, ive thought of a plan. We each fold 1000 yodas. People will buy each for $1. Maybe there are generous relatives or friends who buy more than one. This money may not cover hotel costs, but it’ll  get a ride wherever it’lll
be. Maybe you live by a sf and not even know it. I live just half an hour from a very well known and retired SF! Itll be awesome. If only itll come true..
-Mostly been being my Hipster Dork self.
drew this shoe on my birthday. We glue the shoe to a milk carton to recieve candy from friends…


Here are some drawings i drew over the past days.



‘Njoy!  Be stooky, SuperFolders! 


17 thoughts on “SuperFolder Convention?

  1. Love your drawings! I’m sorry about all the nostrul things going on in your life. 😦 A SF convention would be so STOOKY but idk how many SFs are in Washington and my parents wouldn’t want to travel far.



    I’m in on the SF convention thing, except I would need a Passport to get to America. And my parents permission to go out there by myself, I guess. I don’t have any other SF frie…


    I’d love to have a SF convention! But maybe we could make TShirts or something instead?

    Anyway keep drawing Jess! Peace!


  3. Ahhh, the SF convention.Such a astooky idea . But , where would we have it?!?!? I live in California , dont know if there are any other californians..


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