SuperFolder Convention?

Hey peeps! What are you up to?
Sorry i haven’t been posting art/origami/stuff. Getting settled in this crummy apartment is just hard. I haven’t been in the mood.
So, here are some updates.
-Larry the Golfball is doing well! Wishing for more relatives for him for Christmas.
-I have, yes, yes i have, still being teased/bullied/not treated right at school. Im nice to others. I dont get whats the problem. Im just known as the weird kid with a website that has ‘no life’, a snitch, smarty pants show off, with drawing skillz. Wug…
-I keep on wondering if im.. im.. pickle. I wont say the word, but when ill get the chance, ill share on the Thought Hub.
-getting the Rub Some Bacon On It shirt.
-My friend Bob isnt doing well. He has this weird bacteria in his leg. Its growing up in his body and can kill him.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
-we should have le Sf Convention. Yeah i know, we’ve all heard this. But seriously, ive thought of a plan. We each fold 1000 yodas. People will buy each for $1. Maybe there are generous relatives or friends who buy more than one. This money may not cover hotel costs, but it’ll  get a ride wherever it’lll
be. Maybe you live by a sf and not even know it. I live just half an hour from a very well known and retired SF! Itll be awesome. If only itll come true..
-Mostly been being my Hipster Dork self.
drew this shoe on my birthday. We glue the shoe to a milk carton to recieve candy from friends…


Here are some drawings i drew over the past days.



‘Njoy!  Be stooky, SuperFolders! 


17 thoughts on “SuperFolder Convention?

  1. Love your drawings! I’m sorry about all the nostrul things going on in your life. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ A SF convention would be so STOOKY but idk how many SFs are in Washington and my parents wouldn’t want to travel far.



    I’m in on the SF convention thing, except I would need a Passport to get to America. And my parents permission to go out there by myself, I guess. I don’t have any other SF frie…


    I’d love to have a SF convention! But maybe we could make TShirts or something instead?

    Anyway keep drawing Jess! Peace!


  3. Ahhh, the SF convention.Such a astooky idea . But , where would we have it?!?!? I live in California , dont know if there are any other californians..


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