A Wreath for Christmas?

Hey SFs! Today is a snow day! There’s a wind chill of -1 through -40 degrees roaming Chicago. So, I’m using wifi at my mom’s job. Sorry for not posting lately!!! But I have awesome news!
My sister and her boyfriend came over my house on Christmas. She gave me a gift. I was really excited to get some Converse or an iPad case, but no.
I got a… Wreath. A stupid wreath! WUG!!
I said thank you, to be polite. But then she said we needed it go to the store, so we went in her car.
Her BF pulled up to this HUGEE house (I looked at before with them) and said “Merry Christmas!” A house!!! My own room! Wifi! Such bigness!!! I won’t be making posts soon becausee I’m packing.so I’m just posting things from my mom’s phone, which takes FOREVER.
OOH! You know that poem I wrote? I won the contest!!! 😀
I was shaking and let out a tear when reading it outloud. Not kidding. I guess it’s because I knew what it meant to me. It’s going on the school board and newsletter. I’ll post that when the copies go out…
So… Yeah. Life is coming out from the Dark Side for me!!! 😀
I have an anagram to solve. See you later!



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