Life of an Awkward Dorky Person?

These are things I do during the day. If you think you’re awkward, then you haven’t met me. Unless you have, so then you may be awkward too. I call this…Life of an Awkward Dorky Person (LADP)
(these are real events)
Setting- Gym
We are all waiting for the gyn teacher to call a team number out, to tackle another team member.
*awkward silence*
I love awkward silences, so I don’t pass it off.
Everyone was laughing, until they noticed I already tackled the other team person. Then i got boos.
My friend and I call a dude named Cesar (you may know him) Coconut. We were repeating “coconut” over and over again.
Cesar said coconuts were stupid. So technically, he called himself stupid.
A teacher was asking us to guess a word. It had to be about society and stuffs.
Teacher- P!
Kids- politics? Police?
Teacher- P-O!
Teacher- *frustrated* P-O-T!!!
The teacher stared at me, and left the room. Embarrassing.
Me, being dorky, felt awkward in front of a popular person. The person tried to fistpump me. I did, but did the little *explosion* at the end. People were laughing. I wanted to run, but ended up running on thin air, which was above stairs, so I fell.
Eh, these aren’t funny. They are just weird >.<
Should i continue doing these, once a week? For your enjoyment. Unless it wasn't enjoyment, just annoying, then… brr.
If i should do these weekly, say "golfballs"
If i shouldn't, then say "papaya".
Okay. Me has to study now. ByeZzz.


34 thoughts on “Life of an Awkward Dorky Person?

            1. Can you tell that I’m bored? Cause I can.
              Well of course I can cause I know that kind of stuff.
              Cause I’m just awesome like that.
              Time to stop talking.


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