Crush Problems

So, most of us, most from 11- 15ish, have a crush, or even in a relationship. Some might say “ew icky” or “oh, yeh.” Sorry this is long. ..

Not too many girl bloggers here (2? 3?) , so you may not relate to this. But just listen.
Some of you may heard about Cesar. Yep. He is in my class of 11. Been knowing him since I was 5. He is very smart, and weird. Been through school with him since Kindergarten. His sister and mine used to be tight, and used to tease us.
We were best friends until 2nd grade. What ruined it?
Our minds to tell the difference between boy and girl. So we separated apart.
In 3rd, he figured that I liked him. Sure I did, but I kept it discreet. People would always want to know the truth, but I refused. I was teased enough already.
4th grade, he starts being a teasy. Makes fun of everything, hates, and just judgemental. I’m a sensitive person, so that hurt me alot. … I always called it “his way of flirting” but I am pretty sure he hates me. -_-
Same goes on till 6th grade. We begin to chat again, and be sorta kinda friends. He’ll still tease me, but smile too. We talked so much that the teacher would try to separate us, but still letting us sit together. I still have that crush.
We almost kissed (eugh) in the library by accident, I was running, looking the other way,  while he was running too. So close, that his breath foamed up my glasses. Ran away from each other.
He also got all nasty (won’t get into that) which was … disturbing.
Seventh grade, we are weird. More judgemental, more flirty …
I would get sad everyday from his comments. Worse enough that we share a locker, and sit together.
I would draw about SFs alot too. He would always ask who each person was.
*real examples*
C- So who is this John?
Me- Oh, he makes good origami.
C- oh. Who’s Mega?
Me- He likes folding his own kind of style. We talk alot.
C- Matt?
Me- He likes to talk, perky, and just told me something the other day…
C- More!
(Sorry if it gets you mad that i told him that you were happy.)
C- Gay? Ewwww. I don’t want to know more about these people. *backs away*
Me- Wat? … That’s mean. Plus I think you would like this guy named Moocha-
C- No! Shut up already!
See? He would be all interested, but then turns all rude.
He keeps on asking about you, Matt. I don’t know why. Maybe he is interested in happy ppl? I dunno. Even though I told him that it was a lie, he keeps on asking…
Few months later, he sees my site at Math Club. He kept on asking about people. :/ He saw his name on here though, so I don’t let him see anymoreee.
But today was an important day.
Someone told me to ask him to be my valentine, so I was going to.
Me- Cesar, Coconut, Ima tell you something next Friday.
Cesar- What?
Me- You’re little secret. Heh.
Cesar- I don’t have any secrets! I swear!! Tell me!
-The Next Day-
Cesar- Tell me!!
Me- Sorry. Gotta wait.
Cesar- I don’t have any secrets. Ask anybody! Ask anything! -_-
Me- Ah, but it is a secret connected to you. It’s been going on for five years.
Cesar- Ugh. You are dumb.
Me- Kuuuuuhl.
All day, he asked 31 times. No exaggeration. I counted. He seemed really serious, and was blushing alot. :/
-And The Next Day, Known as Today-
Cesar- Why the 13th?!
Me- It’s close to a day. *Mumbles Saturday*
Cesar- What? WAIT. A holiday! Val-
Me- Shhhh.
Cesar- You’re gonna tell me something and ask something!
Me- *blushes* Noooo.
Cesar- *note he is blushing too* Yesssss.
Me- If you know, say it!
Cesar- *his face looks like a tomato now*  Nooo! I know!
Me- Proof!
Cesar- Nooo! D: I won’t say!
Me- Then i won’t say!
*we both stare at each other for a min*
Cesar- 2nd grade. ๐Ÿ˜€
Me- :O *blushes even more*
Cesar- I knew it!
Say it!
Me- *sighs* I…
*the whole class quiets down and listens closely*
Cesar- I knew it! You like-
Kid- He was gonna ask you to be his valentine!
Another Kid- Cesar likes you!
Cesar runs away.

*he keeps on saying ” i know your secret”all day*
End of Day
Me- so you… know?
Cesar- That you like me?
Me- Yeah.
Cesar- Yeah. I don’t like you like that though. Sorry.
Me- *gulps* Good. Um.. Bye.
Cesar- Bye, Jess.
It is confusing. He was blushing a whole lot, and people were saying things, but noooo, he said that.
I am totally nervous for school tomorrow. Hopefully he is nicer. What if he reads this… meh. There is #2 of The Life of an Awkward  Dorky Person. What do you think? It’s stupid? Move on? Ask him something? Eat a pineapple? Still ask him to be my valentine? Or just don’t do anything?
Comment below your thoughts! I need advice!


76 thoughts on “Crush Problems

    1. Okay. 5th Grade.
      There is this girl named yukari and she sits next to me in Japanese. At first, we are rivals, competing for best student in Japanese. My mom teases me, you probably know how it goes. But soon I start to like her kinda. A lot of kids don’t “like” each other in 5th grade, but yeah. So, we are changing seats one day, and the kid assigned to sit next to me can’t see the board very well from where we sat, so yukari says she will sit by me. I liked sitting next to her, she was funny. We became good friends. We always would talk a lot and I actually got a detention for talking so much one day. (I know, weird.) But then, she got an injury in her leg, and got a cast, and had to use crutches. I would carry her bags all over for her. So, this one day, this kid named Ian,who has been in love with her since 3rd grade, asks her out. She tells me she doesn’t know how to let him down nicely. We keep writing notes and garbage and she’s like I like you and I’m like o-0 So she keeps bugging me , and I say the same thing. She also says she can get her bags but she likes talking to me. Then, she gets invited to some pizza with the principal thing and invites me to come with. We have fun together with some other kids. Soon, 5th grade is over. She comes to my birthday, and her leg even worse. She had to get surgery. She made me a big sign that says “Happy Birthda” so I always say to my friends happy Birthda after that.
      6th grade.
      We sit on swings like we always used to do. She says she “still likes me, ya know”
      Later in the year I find out one of my friends likes her. He buys her a locket and he has the key, and makes them matching bracelets. I leave to Hawaii, and I come back to them being a couple. She remained my friend, kinda. Eventually, we barely even talked, and now, I don’t ever contact her. I think you should ask him to be your valentine. Hearing the story, he is jealous of Matt, thinks you like matt more than him. He likes you no matter what he says. Longest comment ever! ๐Ÿ˜›


  1. Girl, if you like him enough to not-exactly-but-in-way say it, your like is probs more sweet than stupid, especially given that long span of like time. I suggest.. Go through a good chunk of the day and wait to see if he ask you. If he does that says something. Like would be my bet, otherwise out of deep care. If not, you should! Give Hope Up Not, Young Padawan! Do it kinda not so late, though, because it’s cooler if you’re the first of the probs not, imaginary army of girls who like Cesar (That’s definitely my pro Strats for my girl)


  2. Ok. So, if he was blushing, he likes you. When you said: “I know your secret”, probably he tought: “Oh no, man, he discovered I like her!”. This is what we boys do when the girl we like discover it: refuse. Refuse. Refuse. Maybe he dont want to loose the relation of friends you two have. Or he dont want to feel like Lance when Jen looked him on Debbie dance. The thing is: dont give up! Ask him to be your valentine! And if he says no, well, you have to discover what I discovered when I liked a girl…


  3. Hmmm he might have been embarrassed that the class heard and was trying to hide it
    (Side note: in my crush life I’m kinda in the friend zone ๐Ÿ˜ which isn’t good but I prefer that than being embarrassed if too many people find out)


    1. (Another side note: i think I’m too good at faking stuff cuz I act like I do with my friends around her but it’s not easy since 90% of my brain is focused on trying to keep my cool and act normal the other 10% is ficused on thinking of what to say


  4. Wow. I never had an idea this will get more than 20 comments! But, seriously Jess, as I said above, dont give up. Nobody have said love was easy.


  5. Hi. Marci here. Before I met ROP, of course there was my creepy neighbor Wilson. Same age: 12. He continuously grabs my shoulders and gives me an uncomfortable massage. He broke ROP’s nose at a school dance once. The two have been at a bitter rivalry ever since. I hate being stuck in the middle.


      1. So, I was making a drawing (in the middle of math class), and a friend of mine who was sitting next to me drew wings and eyes on it, and wrote Earl next to it. Ever since then, we’ve been making Earls in chronological order, like the second one was called Earl 2.0, the third one Earl 3.0, etc. So that’s that XD


    1. He’s teasing me about liking him. Every moment we talk, we are either arguing or fighting. Same thing. I couldn’t help but … *cringe* slap him today when he said something rude. I know violence doesn’t solve things, but it made me feel good/bad. Anyways, it’s a little rocky. Thanks for asking.


            1. Want to. But it’s hard, because I liked him for a while now. But he isn’t treating me nice.
              He asked me who was nicer, him or some girl. I said the girl, and he got mad. He asked my friend the same question, but she said “both are nice”. She knows he is mean to me. I got a little mad at that, but got over it. My friends don’t realize how he is…


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