How Well You Know Me Contest?



Let’s see how well you know me! The person who gets it close is the winner! If you win, you get a drawing of your choice! πŸ˜€ Have Fun!



55 thoughts on “How Well You Know Me Contest?

  1. Hey Jess! I have an idea we could all tell the stories of how we found origami yodas books! Me first! My mom told me I had to read a chapter book, I randomly chose the first book. I was mad because I didn’t want to read it, but I soon fell in love and read the second one as well. I forgot about the. Books for a while until one day I went to a friends birthday party and I noticed that my friends sister was reading fortune wookie, being surprised by the sequel I immediately bought it at walmart the following night and I’ve been in love ever since!

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  2. Jess this is really late, but i have to tell you something
    About that post earlier about you liking cesar, and valentines day and all that junk, I wouldn’t be discouraged.

    I think He may still have slight feelings in *that* way for you. You have to be observant. most of the time shy boys say that they do not like you cuz they are shy. If he continued talking to you like normal after that, he probably does like you. but if he got distant after that day, he may have been telling the truth. You just have to be observant


    1. Good wonderment, Moochael. He hasn’t been distant, but became more… Meaner. I don’t even take it as jokes anymore. He says I can’t take jokes, but every conversation we have is a joke. It’s weird


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