Life of an Awkward Dorky Person #3

Lots of awkwardness happened.
1. I am very terrible at sports. I feel so awkward crouching down with hands in a fist in Volleyball! The team was ready. But suddenly, someone whispered something to the referee. She gasped and yelled COCONUT!?!? No joke. I couldn’t help but laugh until the ball came whooshing at my face.

2. The girls on my team are very… Girly. But badly. They were talking about butts ( i don’t know, don’t ask) so me and my friend were giving weird glances. Finally I asked “Why are you so obsessed about something you poop out of? What, the bigger it is, bigger the poop?” They gasped and started whispering.

3. I eat alot, but I don’t gain weight. I’m often teased for it. Also, I am always the only girl to eat a second lunch. I eat it hungryly, while people are wondering how I eat so much.

4. I walk to a teacher’s classroom (same one with the potato episode.) I want to get a book from the library. Only the teacher is there because the students are at gym.
Teacher- Can I trust you alone? I need to go to the office.
Me- uhhhhh, yeah.
I’m looking for Jedi Academy 2 ( wanted to read it again) but I notice that Turn Down for What comes on her radio. I look to my sides, and start dancing. Awkward dancing. Teacher walks in. :\

5.I call my mom at the office to tell her about the dancing. She knows my weird antics, so she lets it go. I quietly ask her to bring me some food to eat for a snack, but not quiet enough for the office people to not hear. There goes the skinny jokes.


27 thoughts on “Life of an Awkward Dorky Person #3

      1. Oh thanks! I thought you will get upset with me. Do you know what I did today? I was waiting until the lunchladies give me the lunch. Then I saw a boy that always fail in the asignatures. My classmates call him ‘F-man’. I say to the guy next to me:
        -Look, the F-man
        He answered: ‘He is my cousin’


  1. lol! once this week, a random girl came up and said “boo. I scared you.” I said no you didn’t.” and she said “yes I did!” so I yelled “PUBERTY!” and she walked away. am I the player or what!?!?!?!?!? ^-^

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      1. So there’s this thing called metabolism. It’s basically how fast your body breaks down food. Some people (like you or my aunt) have the metabolism rate, of a HORSE. That’s a good thing. In fact, I have like ZERO metabolism (sarcastically).

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  2. #1. I love volleyball. When we had our volleyball unit in gym this year, I played on the noncompetitive side with most of the other freshmen and the lazy sophomores/juniors. One freshman(a baseball player), often served the ball straight towards the sky, where it would hit the ceiling and come straight back to him. My serve, on the other hand, was a nasty parabola that meteored straight down at a carefully selected target, causing several juniors to think I was just throwing the ball. I softened my serve as a result, but still no one was able to hit it. Embarrassing, but funny.
    #2. Don’t worry, when you get to the high school level, the talk turns to more than just butts. Butts are very cool btw. Humans are the only ones to have them(other than apes and stuff), because we use them for sitting down. And standing up too, but mostly for sitting down.
    #3. I know what ya mean. ;D
    #4. 8th grade dance. I cannot dance, my suit is cheap, and I have no date. I hang with the other nerds, until everyone goes nuts with dancing. At that point, I grab a soda, shove a friend outta the way, and dance. I cannot dance still, and get lots of funny looks. I give the people with the funny looks funny looks until they no longer have funny looks. I go home a happy man.
    #5. The last time I called my mom at the office was 2 years ago, and though I wasn’t calling for a reason that would make her angry(if you think logically), she got angry anyway. Oh well.

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  3. 1. There’s this guy called Edgar. He keeps on stealing everybody’s water bottle or folder.
    one day he ‘stole’ this guy called thomas’ folder.
    I asked him where he put it
    He said he didn’t steal it, I didn’t believed it.
    I just looked at Thomas’s hand, and there it was.
    2. not doing sports. People kinda tease me


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