Woot! I got every serve over! I need to practice my aim of hitting the ball doe. I just hit it. X3



  1. Congrats Jessenia.

    I play soccer, but the soccer season is over.
    My mom wants me to play a spring sport but i physically can’t play basketball or baseball, i suck at them. Im pretty good at soccer tho.

    Also have fun in 7th grade while you can, 7th grade was amazing (at least for us because its easy, and we have two overnight field trips to DC and New York).

    To be honest i would look forward to going to school on a b day ( we have a weird stoopid schedule) if i didn’t have geometry. I have social studies, spanish, PE, and math on a b day. That would be so fun if i had band instead of geometry on that day ;_; .

    Only 2 good things have really happened this school year.

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          1. DON’T DO TRACK! You’ll die of exhaustion! Believe me, I know a guy in track…
            Unless of course, you’re one of those people with great stamina, in which case, go ahead. Speed doesn’t matter as much as that.


  2. im bored… you know how people are always like “was he dropped on his head as a baby” well, I was kicked backwards down some stairs by my jerk cousin… explains a lot actually, like why I have a uncurable urge to rub people feet.


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