SF\Real Life? What?

Well hello guys! 🙂 soooooooo here are some updates. Do do do
~I have a real lighsabor! Not a real-real one, but it’s realistic.


~Hopefully the new website comes through soon ^3^
~ Passed Constitution Test! 83%, only two girls (included myself) and all the boys passed.
~My SF life is getting at my real life. At school, there was a writing assignment to draw your favourite place to hang out with friends. The idea was to get ideas about a special place there, so you can write a story about it. People drew the park, houses, malls, or the beach.
I drew origamiyoda.com.
Now, this is a new low for me. Yeah, I wrote about the SFTZ even though it’s closed down forever, but I just cannot help thinking about SFs. I just keep on thinking more online things than real life. Such as ‘ooh Please let there be emails and notifications!” More than “am I going to pass the Constitution test?” Obsessed. You guys probs actually hang out with people IRL, actually have an ACTIVE LIFE, but I just … I dunno.
Skype got me through IRL friends,  but they don’t want to anymore. Sigh. I got a glare from the teacher.


13 thoughts on “SF\Real Life? What?

          1. Well, it was strange. We were both wearing white clothes, and we were standing in a kitchen or something eating cookies. It was like we knew each other.(in real life) And then I realized I was dreaming. (This is called livid dreaming or something.) I saw Tyler Oakley sitting at the bar laughing and then I woke up. My dog was sleeping on my legs.😭

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            1. Interesting. Lucid dreaming is actually when you can move and do things in a dream, you can even learn to fly and stuff. My mom is always hyped she will lucid dream 😆


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