Wut (〒︿〒)

Okay, you are probably tired of this, but…. Stuff has happened between me and Coconut. I hit rock bottom, and I’m to float back up ._.
So recently he has been teasing me about my blushing and awkwardness. Not alot of insults anymore! He will say to stop blushing, and smiles when I can’t help but smile and blush. I can’t help it 😬
People know now, and tease him about supposely liking me. He blushes and says to be quiet, it’s not true. My friends and others see his blushing too. He really wantsw to see me blush. It’s quite confusing.
He likes to flirt with my friends doe. Especially when I am with that friend. Why? I do not know. Confused! What to do?!
Urhgh. My blushing is very noticable against my pale skin -.-


12 thoughts on “Wut (〒︿〒)

  1. Interesting…this is a bit more tricky to figure out so I’m gonna go find the doctor from one of my drawers I’ll be back
    (Note: I still think you may have just been stuck in the friend zone but that’s all I cabana think of right now) I’ll come back later to tell you what he thinks


  2. The doctor: Ok jess here’s what DV and I have got so far he might like you but is trying to hide it and is trying to make you jealouse with your friend or he could legitimately like your friend and your stuck in the friend zone
    Me: so what do you think jess hope this helped the doctor was happy to be out of the drawer and helping out sf’s again anyway hope that helped
    Both of us: bye

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  3. Sometimes guys who like girls talk to their friends to be with you just without talking to you… if he still talks to you then its ok… but if he is giving SERIOUS hints he likes someone else, and flirts w/ your friends a lot then… idk what to say

    and if he only flirts with them when ur around he is probs trying to make ye jelly-ous.

    also surry i haven’t been commenting, i haven’t been as engaged in wordpress as i used to.


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