R&L Drawings!

Which one is better, the one in black and white, or the coloured version?


Pretty proud of Rhett in the second one.
And here is a GMM picture.


Should I colour my drawings, instead of sletches? Tell me below! Hope you like these ๐Ÿ™‚


70 thoughts on “R&L Drawings!

  1. Nice GMM poster with the mythical beast! I think the colored one, their faces are a better shape. Nice job on these! Any Ty Oakley art? ๐Ÿ˜


    1. And here is a tip. Make the sletches, scan them, and then, colour the scanned drawing. So you can enjoy the same model in two different versions


  2. nice! I like the colored one more, it looks more clean… You should mail that stuff to Rhett and Link! Maybe get it featured on GMM? That would be freaking awesome, but it has to be something speshul… maybe make origami rhett and link and send it to them?

    Also great GMM poster!

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            1. TBH when you reminded me of how i made you throw up them and steal them, kinda creeps me out. Its kinda gross XD


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