A Message From Matt…

Message From MattWeb:

Yo. ^-^

I… forgot my password to my new “OmegaKeeper” account, and since I’ve gotten rid of my old Gmail, I can’t get it back… heh…

FORTUNATELY The password for my 6-Year-Old “SFMattWeb” WordPress account hasn’t changed, and I know it like the back of my hand. I might go back to that, but it’s not like anyone would find me if I just started a new blog there. e3e

But that’s not why I asked Jess to do this for me, I’ve got some news for y’all that… well I’m sure some of you will be happy to hear this, and I’m also sure some of you will be pretty upset. Either way, I’ve gotta say it. Here it goes. Oh god… Imma say it… *Takes deep breath*

I’m growing up…


No, but for real. I already linked you guys on my Omega site to some reviews that I did for COG, (Canadian Online Gamers), And… well… I kinda realized that that’s what I wanna do! I wanna write, (like Tom cx), but I wanna write reviews for video games. It’s a cliche 15-year-old dream job, but I’m actually in it more for the writing. At this point, I’m getting my name out there by doing weekly (Sometimes less D:) reviews on video games. I can take that with me in life if I ever want to do big articles like the ones in Newspapers, or even books. Chances are if I walk up to Abrams and tell them I’ve published a bunch of articles and I have a history with writing, they’ll feel more inclined to give my book a chance! I’m going places!! CX

But the sad part… I can’t balance my two lives anymore… and I’ve been doing it for a while. Like, longer than when I started reviews. Like, since the OY site revamp long. (Speaking of, isn’t the TalkZone still open there at the old site? Geez! cx)

I’ve basically got 2 modes. You’ve got you’re generally optimistic me, which normally comes out online, and you’ve got the emotional real life me… who would be like the bad guy in one of those movies about a group of kids… or… whatever.

Since they’re both totally different, they don’t get along very well. It’s like they’re tied together by a rope, but they just want to be as far apart as possible. Before, Optimist Matt was strong enough to walk where he wanted to go, OY.com! He was over here with you guys havin’ a good time and goin’ on adventures and stuff! 😛 That’s the Matt you’re hearing right now, as it were.

But now, the “Real life” Matt sees writing, and he sees his future, and he’s pulling at the rope. You get the picture. It’s an internal struggle. :1

I would love to cut the rope somehow, but technically speaking I would just end up splitting myself in half and that would hurt or something, so we’re going to refrain from body-ripping-in-half…ing…

They go back and forth for a while, but it just becomes too hard it’s time to pick one or the other, and I was bound to leave this community in any case. Ech. Those are the wrong words. I’m not leaving the community, hopefully I’ll always be a part of it! What I’m doing is I’m giving “Real life” Matt a lot more rope to see where he goes with it.

But I’m not leaving yet! You’re still stuck with me! ;P





32 thoughts on “A Message From Matt…

  1. #respekt

    go for your dream matt i would type more, but my hands are cold and i can’t type as fast as i usually can, and it feels weird when i type. I should stop typing


  2. wait let me get this straight…… hes the guy who broke jess heart or wutever the guy who sabotaged oy.com AND acted like someone else and ur happy hes back? dont kall me mean just gettin my facts straight……


    1. Well.., he did kinda hurt my heart… Heh… But it was a Lessoned to be learned, I guess. :shrug:
      I’m very contradictory…. I mean… Er… I am happy he is still staying… :/
      Confusing guy. I’m confusing. PI


      1. why’d he do it? :/ he’s the reason for the talk zone shutdown… but why would he hurt you is he just a bad guy….. an actor….idk I’m just as confused as you jess…


        1. No, no, he’s a good guy. I’m sure of it. I’m pretty good friends with him, but even I’m confused. It’s okay though…
          :/ He just needed a second chance, I suppose. But meh.


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