April Fools!!


Hah! This day is fun. Last year, on this very day, my hand was rolled over by a 100 pound iron wheel. Eugh.
I played some pranks at school. Changed desks, did the ol’ “your shoe is untied” joke, took over the locker that me and Cesar share, and made peeps smile.
As you all know, I’m mixed up with Coconut. He hasn’t been insulting lately! Playful teases. Some thibgs that happened.
Coconut- I’m so happy that I didn’t see you this morning. *smirk*
Me- April Fools!
Coconut- *smiles* Noo… *turns around*
I was naming how my class should be characters in The Lego Movie.
Me- You will be Wildstyle, you (coconut) will me Emmet. Wait no, be Batman. Wait who’s Wildstyle again? Wait who am I…
Him- You changed me so you can be with me! 😛
Me- No!! I decided I’m Unikitty!! Nooooo!
Him- hehehe. Suurrre.
Basically making everything I say to him into “flirting”. Which it’s not. O-o
Meh. I’m leaving this site now. Last post! Mkay…
I’m so horrible at lying… XD


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