Me? Running for Publicist?

I have bad experience at winning in elections. 4 years in a row at losing at Rep.
But now, the spot for Publicist is up. I know I can show my skillz. No one is running against me. Actually, no one has an opponent except my friend and her enemy.
I really want the spot, but I am verry shy. So I will be so horrible at school events.
Anyways, I’m giving out origami cranes for my campaign. :3
I don’t know what to do for my posters!!! They are due tomorrow!!! I didn’t have the time so…
Any ideas?!


17 thoughts on “Me? Running for Publicist?

  1. What? Your shy too? I’ve gone to the same people at church for all my life, and most of em’ say they’ve never heard my voice. True story. Also, good luck! Hope you win!


  2. Make a poster like the one Kellen did for Rhondella πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… nah, just kidding, also, good idea with the origami pieces


  3. i know im too late for the posters but heres what to do in public if you get nervous before you go up think of the time you were most confident in your life and try to re-live that as your heading up also dont think of everyone watching you just imagine you alone and your practicing in a mirror (which you should do) and my the force be with you


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