Sorry That I Haven’t Posted.

I don’t know if you noticed, but I haven’t made a post in like two, three weeks. I sneak on this phone to do other things, but WordPress takes up alot of room to install…
But we did get the modem for internet. But my question is:
Are Internet and Wifi the same?
It says to plug it into a computer… Nothin bout Wifi. Says (blank) Internet. Grrr. And I’ve been waiting for months for this, and I swear if I can’t use wifi on my iPad… -.-
So please answer that. Okay. Do do do


6 thoughts on “Sorry That I Haven’t Posted.

  1. WiFi and wireless networking are the same thing. It’s basically a means of connecting to a computer network (such as the Internet) via a short-distance radio signal, removing the need for wires.

    “Wireless Internet” can be used to mean this, but it sometimes has other meanings, such as internet access via a cellular phone network (which is not the same thing).

    However, if a company advertises a “wireless hotspot”, as Starbucks and other places do, that means they have a wireless network, which in turn means you can access the internet via WiFi
    the majic of answers .com šŸ˜‰


  2. I think Wi-Fi is for phones and tablets. And Internet for laptops, macs and computers. I dunno if I’m right. That question has been travelling in my brain for a lot of time. šŸ˜›


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