Publicist Posters

Yep. Drawing was hard on the white erase poster.


Yes, I know there isn’t a D in Do. Idk where it is… :I *cough* *dumb* *cough* *eighth* *sniffle* graders at my school.


Yellow wore off.


41 thoughts on “Publicist Posters

        1. Huh. Funny. I’m mexican/american and I have noooo accent. I don’t know if I have a Chicago accent. I di ‘t act mexican at all. I dislike hot sauce, hot stuff, cant speak spanish, and look like ola- no tan at all.


          1. 😮 that’s okay I don’t judge people :). im full Mexican (well actually I have a deep scary voice as my regular voice but I can change it) I mow lans I say peeksa and I love tacos!!. tacos +hot sauce = (>


            1. Ya know, there are many ways to talk like a mexican. Therw is a way called “Acento Norteño”, and the “Acento encantadito”, the first one is funny (I talked it but then I moved and now I cant), the last one is like, how to explain, people who thinks they are the best of the best.


          2. Accent is entirely dependent on the people you hear, not your heritage. For example, someone from Russia who moved to Australia when they were 7, and went to an Australian school, would most likely have an Aussie accent.
            True story.


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