My Life At The Moment

Hello, people! It feels like MONTHS without posting anything good. It’s only been nine days since a post. Feels so long…
So, here are my points of my life at the moment.
~ I’m gonna be at summer camp the whole summer. Greaat. Well, WiFi will save me…
~ I’m skyping internet friends now, if you’re ever up to it. I”ll be blushing a lot, though. 0-o
~ Relationship with Cesar? Going well  good awesome   PLASTIC DINOS! Being nicer, not mean. He overwhelms the flirting , doe.
~ I got a Canada shirt cuz idek
~ Confession- I like ………….!
~ I’m on Season 4 of GMM :3
~MatPat never had an Instagram?!? Shocker!
There has been no art on this site since like… Idek. So here us go. And a selfie(?) too. Because mi bootiful shirt shood brighten up ur day m8
Okay. Hugs!




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