Let’s Go Hawks!

Even though they are really suckish compared to Tampa Bay!


79 thoughts on “Let’s Go Hawks!

            1. That counts. Youre in a sport soooo XD
              My sports banquet is on Saturday and I’m super nervous. I hafta wear a dress :/ I’m dumb in a dress


            2. Aha. Man. I reaaaly need advice, and Matt ain’t answering so ima pmmake a password protected page, alright? And I’ll answerr your advice too


            3. I’m nervous, I ordered a super sweggy purple yo-yo and It’s supposed to come in an hour and a half. If it doesn’t come I’m suing Amazon πŸ˜›


            4. Yeah, I’m decent. I only know a few tricks, like around the world and forward pass, so yeah. My friend did a basic sleeper and shouted skill xD


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