16,697 VIEWS! And The SuperFolder/Blogger Awards!

Hello Internet, welcome to GAME THEORY  THIS AWESOME POST!

Yeah, I know. That can’t even be counted as a joke.

Aside from my hilarious un-hilarious humour, I have exciting news.

More than 16,000 views! Isn’t that crazy? 16 THOUSAND TIMES THIS SITE WAS CLICKED ON. This. I quite like being a blogger. It feels more real typing on a laptop than a mobile device. It’s wayyyy more fun.

You guys mean so much to me. even if you just like my posts and don’t read them, like and comment based upon the post, chat with everyone that strolls along here, is obsessed with me (looks at certain person), and just comes here for the he- double hockey-sticks of it, you truly bring this place awesomeness. I like waking up and finding comments and likes, and the number of views of piling up. I mean, who doesn’t?

But those numbers don’t really matter. What really matters that you enjoy my content, and that keeps me satisfied.

So, lets get to 17,000! xD

Lol, that too.but lets get started with an Awards Ceremony! I hope that you don’t mind that I’m doing this, Mr. CheesyBroccoli. I like your idea of a Creative Blogger award, so why not make it even more? Since I feel a bit Computer Savvy, I think we can pull this off.

We so far have 13 Categories.

  • Most Professional Blogger
  • Most Professional Folder
  • Blogger of 2015
  • SuperFolder of 2015
  • Most Creative
  • Funniest
  • Randomest
  • Weirdest
  • Most Sincere
  • Most Friendly
  • Most Original
  • Best Female Blogger/SF
  • Best Male Blogger/SF

This is only starting out as an idea, of course. If people get into this, reblog about it, tell friends about it, then it’s on. Think about it. Until I make the Polls, then will you be able to vote. Comment down below if you want to participate and is willing to get others into it. You may also nominate people that you think that would like to join, but aren’t on all the time. Please tell me any new categories that would expand the … you know what I mean xD. I’ll accept participants until SUNDAY, JUNE 14TH, 7:36 PM CENTRAL TIME.

Let it begin!


27 thoughts on “16,697 VIEWS! And The SuperFolder/Blogger Awards!

  1. I’m not a superfolder, I was directed here from sfmyrmyr. But I wanted to congratulate you for 16,000 views! I only have 6,000 so I’m kind of jelly. 😛

    But hey, you earned it! 🙂


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