Ask Jess Questions.

Ask away! Any questions at all! as long as they are not creepy and personal. Personal as in where I live, all that stuff.

I may or not answer it, depending on…eh.

I like being asked questions :D\

Mehh. I. Am a thoughtful guy. I think about alot of things.


110 thoughts on “Ask Jess Questions.

    1. Yess! I don’t exactly remember. according to my history, I watched “Real Life Sleeping Beauty” at first. idk after that. Then, I remember seeing “Kids React To Rhett and Link” , and falling in love with their creativity. It was in like… Early September when I got hooked.


        1. Yes. The TZ was the greatest era on OY. I met great people, made my blog with help with those guys, All that. Old Sfs? Very! The long time SFs, I have to admit, were the best of them all. They helped (sometimes) new ppl get used to the site and all that.And of course, memories made on there helped me through good and bad times of my life


            1. hmm. I want to be honest but not be mean…
              I pick honesty.
              They really need to get in touch with a really good folder, super folder, whatevs, and learn. The obnoxious , braggy ones with plagerised origami need to get a life.

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            2. We really can’t but I think this is what we have to do we have to keep on asking Tom in anyway we can think of to find a way to report plagerizm on the site it’s not fair that the people who do it can get away with it since we can’t tell Sam and it’s not fair to the op who people might not know he/she made it

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            3. No really! You are the most well known SF right now! You were *arguably* SF OF THE YEAR remember? If anyone else posted something like that, people wouldn’t look but if you did, we could actually do something about this!


            4. No one else.
              Firk (kinda) left
              Tyler left
              He who must not be named even though he’s our friend pretty much left.


            5. Uh… this is kind of late, but am I considered a good Superfolder? No lying or sugarcoating, am I good or bad or just not-so-good-but not-bad?


          1. Yeah because in age of ultron (not much of a spoiler so don’t worry) ca fights ultron lost his shield and would have lost if black widow didn’t get it back to him when she did


        1. i totally agree! (sorry for butting in but i just cant stand who would win fight!) ut also dont underestimate cap! hes been head to head with anyone! galactus ultron thanos! he lifts thors hammer like nothing in the comics and pinched galactus in the jaw! but if they went head to head with just their regular equimpment batty would take him on and beat him.


      1. yesterday was awesome as you read my post but today was tireing so far… like my hands are still shaking ya know πŸ˜›


            1. yep bytw if you were in a zombie apocylpse what weapon would you take
              me: machete,crossbow or…a katana


    1. 100 comments? jeezus. I don’t like to consider myself as the most popular… but it is exciting to have people think that. Even Tom said something like that in a letter he sent to me. I’ll post it, cuz I just got it yesterday!!


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