SuperFolder/Blogger Awards 2015

1. Please do not vote for a friend just because they are your friend. If your friend just folds origami or makes stuff based on exactly on someone else’s, and you vote for them, that spot could’ve went toward someone with unique idea

2. Please don’t vote for yourself. It’s basically cheating,even if it is one tiny vote. It makes a difference.

3. Let everyone get a chance at winning. For instance, if I voted Mega3 for 8 off the categories,he could win all of those. Sorry if this sounds like I’m controlling the votes, but it’only fair. Review the votes and make sure they’re right, honest, and fair.

4. Vote once per poll.

Have fun 😀




48 thoughts on “SuperFolder/Blogger Awards 2015

  1. Reblogged this on Ok Origami Unlimited and commented:
    Hi people of the internet! I just wanted to promote the Superfolder Blogger Awards, because it sounds like an awesome idea! It is a great way for lots of bloggers with similar interests to interact with one another. Thanks, to Jessenia, who created it. Check out her blog when you have the chance. Anyway, read the rules and vote for who you think should win. Good luck to everyone nominated, and have fun!


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