Turning out great, guys!

I’m glad that this is working out.

Ican’t help but self-promote about.. VOTE ME FOR ..uh… awesome looking…? xD *flips hair and dramatically accidently slips and falls down stairs*

I got my phone, so letter from Tom will be posted soon, k.

I won some DVD from a magazine. The Last of Us? That kind of love or zombie movie? eugh

Have until Friday to vote.


15 thoughts on “Turning out great, guys!

  1. Another thing about me: almost every boy in the school likes FPS (First Person Shooter) games except me 😛 It gets annoying to the point where people yell “THERE’S A NEW CALL OF DUTY 3 TEASER AHHHH”
    I think I’ll stick with Minecraft, Terraria and Plants versus Zombies. I like sandbox games. :3

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  2. I totally didn’t break the rules you posted… and why am I not on the list!?! Its not like I dont have a blog or anything! Which I dont… but STILL…


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