Summer Camp

I’m gonna have wifi for five weeks, so ya better be on XD

I’m homesick… Even if I’m at my sister’s house. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ 

Canada, you only need one more view to make it to 200!! 

And people search these things to try to find me? “He teases me to make me blush”

Okay then :T


15 thoughts on “Summer Camp

  1. Speechless…
    I thin I might start doing some origami myself. I do know a whole lot. The majority of my studies in origami is about things like aerodynamics in model airplanes, and best model airplanes that actually look like a plane. However, I’m not having much sucess with the last one, because as a matter of fact normal planes just don’t have a wing:total size ratio that can be adopted by paper, especially the 3D aspect of it.


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