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38 thoughts on “Rhink Edit

  1. I’ve been gone a while… Do you want me to post? I could,post pics of my trip to england which is happening soon…

    Anyway, I’ve had this problem too… Out of my friends, I’m always the one being madefun of being gay. I’m not, but they always call me gay as a joke.mthis caused me to think, and I was confused like u were. I would think, “am I gay? I’m pretty sure I’m not” it was depressing and confusing. And my friends didn’t help really. I realized it really doesn’t matter Jessenia, if you are straight or gay, be yourself and you don’t need to claim what you are. This is the kind of generation where you have to define your sexuality quickly, or you could be “left out.” Or judged for being confused. My advice for u is to chill out, and stop saying , ” BTW IM STRAIGHT ” in posts. you don’t need to mention that stuff as Long as you have us. We will always support your opinions. Don’t define ur sexuality like that if you ship 2 ppl of the same gender. Just be calm jessenia

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    1. If I could like this more than once, I would like it 10 times. This meant alot to me ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ll try/will.
      And yes! You better post more or I’ll… I’ll do something xP Post!!!

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  2. what moochael said, no matter what, we will always follow you. (although most boy superfolders will be upset because your the closest thing we have to a girlfriend, assuming we are all nerds who are unpopular and beat up a lot… LIKE ME!)


    1. Awwww
      It’s ok tanner, we will be for you as well. I don’t get beat up, but I’m mad fun of by my friends, even tho I know it’s a joke.

      Also most of u guys are too young for gfs anyway… I’m going into high school and I don’t think. I should have a gf until I’m 16 or 17…


      1. your lucky, and the bullys never get punished, like once, in the class room a kid kicked the back of my legs grabbed me by my shoulders and slammed me on the ground. no one even talked to him.


    1. Also I sent a really detailed and creative letter to Tom, and early this year I got a letter back. I felt bad because all he did was have a drawing saying I’m Stooky. Nothing special like you, jessenia. Kinda sucks

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          1. I’m not blaming you… It’s good ur being u jessenia! Just proves how he likes ur personality ๐Ÿ™‚ ! I really hope he kept my letter tho. I put a lot of effort into it.


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