Surgical Techniques Camp Ended!

Hey guys!! I had lots of fun this week. I still prefer Digital Game Design more than this session, but it is okay!
I didn’t get to take a class selfie, but most likely will next week.
I made friends, like Sophie and Iyanna. Then I started dating Trevor the Cactus.


Your goals.
I wore cat shirts all week, and everyone loved it.
Then there was Lucas. Lucas looks like Matty B ( YouTube him 😂) and is a wanna-be-gangster. I like his face.
Anyways, I was in class watching a gory YouTube video on surgery with the class.
I was kiking with Iyanna, talking about Lucas and Trevor. She likes Lucas, and i kinda like him too. But I was mostly talking about Trevor and all four of us being on a double date and such. She’s in the classroom across from me, smiling and giggling over what we are talking about. When she went to go take a pic of Trevor, Lucas (which sits next to her) tried seeing our messages. Then her class gets out of their room for snack time. Miles (a kid that likes her) is spying on me and teasing me of how we are talking about Lucas. Idk how he managed to read our messages, but whatever…
I’m desperately trying to get out of the classroom, so I ask to use the bathroom. I see Lucas and Miles sitting on a table in the hallway. They both watch me, and talk to me about the ice cream that we are having for snack. I nervously laugh and speed walk, hearing whispers between them. I’m thinking, oh they know, they know, they know. I get out of bathroom, see them again, look for Iyanna, say hi to her, see Lucas, awkwardly running back into my classroom. They watch me.
I want to go back out there again, so I ask Matt ( my councilor’s name, what are the odds) if I can go get some ice cream. He glares at me, and I try several times. He finally says yes, and I skip to the snack room. Now a group of boys are sitting on the table, and all of them say Hiiiiii, Jess.
I just look at them, get out of my gaze and say hello and go in the snack room.
I see Edi ( last weeks counselor) so I take the chance.
Me: Hey Edi! May I go see Trevor?
Edi: Oh hey, Jess. And… who?
Me: You know, Trevor!!
Edi: Oh, you mean Lucas? *smirk*
Me: wh-wh what do you mean? *nervous laugh*
Edi: Oh, Trevor! Fine you can go see him *smirk again*
I hyperventilate when he leaves because Edi thinks that Trevor is Lucas. I get so crazy but I end up taking a girl to the water fountain. I find Iyanna,
I spill.
Me: omg omg omg you won’t believe what happened omg
Her: what?!?
I tell her. We rush to the snack room, receiving “Hi, Jess” from the group of guys. I nervously say Hi, and whispers again. Some boys hit Lucas in the arm.
She tells me that Lucas and Miles read our messages. They think that Trevor is a way to see Lucas in the other room. A codename for Lucas. So when I said that Trevor is my bae, I love Trevor, all that, they thought differently. They even told Edi that Trevor was a sneak in to see Lucas. I’m so speechless. So i hurry and take my ice cream, say bye and thanks and stuffs, get hi’s from the boys, and rush in my room. I’m so shocked cuz Ima be in the same class as Lucas next week… Here comes the drama from the boys :0
Okay you guys probably won’t get this story but it’s so hilarious and omgggg hahahaha anyways yeahhh hahaha


29 thoughts on “Surgical Techniques Camp Ended!

            1. I can still talk, I’m listening to Minecon as I’m typing. They’re talking about Story Mode, which I’m not really interested in, so yeah.


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