Robotics Camp Day 2

The morning isn’t interesting, so I’ll skip that.
At lunch, I had my tray in my hands. I didn’t feel like sitting with my class, so I stall the time by putting lots of toppings on my sandwich and getting a glass of lemonade. I see Edi kinda waiting for me, but I don’t wanna seem pitiful, so I look around for a seat. I see friends on their phones, counselors eating. I don’t know where to sit, so I spot a seat across from Edi. He looks up, and I gesture toward the seat on front of him. He nods, grins, and I sit. The counselors seem surprised to see a kid sit next to them, but just a hello. They all exclaimed that I looked tired, and asked me what was wrong. Nothing really, just the fact I have to wake up 3 hours earlier than the program starting hour.  We make conversation, talk about my family and sports and food. Mostly about my sisters, and we just left the subject alone because we wouldn’t refer to each sister with a name, just as “other sister” which was really confusing when every sister was “other sister” xD
When there was an awkward silence, I ate more of my sandwich.
“You eat your sandwich weird.”
I glance up and Edi is gesturing at my sandwich.
“How? This is how I always eat it…”
“You’re holding it like a slice of pizza.”
The director of the camp says “Don’t make fun of her way of eating her sandwich!”
That creates a burst of laughter, including me, mostly because of his accent made it sound like “sahnwheech” lololol xD
I put my sandwich down so I can make a huge deal out of it, which made more laughter.

Afternoon, we made a robot. While waiting for instructions, I saw Edi pass by and wave. Waved back. My friend built it, with special help of me giving him the pieces and fixing problems. The robot’s name is “Charlieeeeee.”


I made alot of “that’s what she said” jokes when he would yell out perfect things for the joke while getting frustrated at the Lego Robot. You can imagine xD
I saw Trevor too, and lots of kids in Digital Game Design called me weird for petting a cactus. They played my game,according to Edi.
While leaving, everyone said it was cold outside, and I yelled MAN UP! Everyone looked at Edi, who was shivering.
“Especially you, you cat obsessed guy!”
Laughter haha xD
Good day.


36 thoughts on “Robotics Camp Day 2

      1. Lmao dood, I ur going to date anyone, do it at school or somefin. You will most likely never ever meet jess in your life, thus the relationship will not work out. Take this advice from ur cousin!


            1. Xer? If I’m nice to a girl, does that automatically mean I have a crush on her? No. I have plenty of friends at school that are girls and I don’t have a crush on any of them (not anymore). So just stop. It just freaks people out on both ends.



        1. Xer. If I’m nice to a girl, that doesn’t automatically mean I have a crush on her.
          My gosh just stop it already….


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