Robotics Camp Day 4

Info, this is the 201st blog post on this site! Thanks for reading them 🙂
Yesterday was not all that interesting for a post.

Snack time for the morning. I get behind some kid to get myself a handful of sliced apples and Sunflower Seed-Butter (kinda like peanut butter?) on some crackers. The kid screeches “YOU’RE CUTTING THE LINE EXCUSE YOU”. I said, this is the line, but I see that I completely cut a long line of 20 people, after looking up. I blush and go to the end. Edi and my friend Diane shake their heads at me.
“I can’t believe that you just cut the line.” Edi sarcastically comments.
Then there’s an awkward silence. So I ask about Trevor (the cactus).
“How’s Trevor?”
Edi- “Oh, he died. He’s very sad.”
Me- What?! He died? What happened? Is that why your eyes are watery?”
Edi- “Oh, well he’s dying of sadness. You haven’t visited him, so.”
Me- “Oh shoot. Can I visit? Right now?”
Edi- “Sure. *grin* ”
While we’re making our cracker sandwiches, I ask him if he thought Trevor was a code name for something.
“No, why?”
Relief in my head, but I feel like he thinks differently.
“Because some kids thought it was, and they said that they told you.. Which it isn’t. Trevor is just a cactus.”
“Oh. Well. Okay.”
We walk to his classroom, and I skip to Trevor. I hold him and pet him. I realize that I got two cactus spikes stuck in my finger. I tell Edi about it, and he wants me to go to the nurse, but I refuse because how the heck do you explain how you got cactus spikes in you at camp?! XD
Then we’re all just chilling, we talk about hippos, our ages, cacti.
One kid asks if Edi is still bringing the cookies tomorrow, and Edi glares at him and says “thanks for being a snitch”.
I gasp and demand for a cookie tomorrow.
Here comes the cool part.
Me- “I really want Trevor.”
Edi- “Why?”
Kid- “Wait, you like him?”
Me- “Yep. As in like like him.
Kid- :O
Edi- “Did you just say like like him haha”
Kid- “No offence, but you are immature.”
Me- “hahah I know.”
Edi- “But what if being in love with a cactus is a sign of maturity? Being in love and all.”
Kid- “Oh no…”
Edi- “But hey, maybe the lady that owns Trevor will do a deal with you. I dunno.”
Me- “Wait, what?! So if I bring in a plant, a cool plant, I can maybe keep Trevor?!”
Edi- “Sure. I’ll ask her when I see her.”
Let’s go to recess, cuz lunch was all about eating and I didn’t talk alot.
I wait for Edi to come out so he can organize a game of Ultimate Frisbee. No one really wanted to play, so us and another kid started playing some soccer. I am so horrible at it. I missed the goal every time unless there wasn’t a goalie. A girl asked if I was good at soccer, and I was in the middle of saying I was very bad, but then Edi cut in and said “She’s so awesome at it!” I was like wut im very horrible wut
I was picking up a soccer ball, and then i felt a “blow” to my behind. It was really hard. I screeched, and turned around and saw Edi with his hands on his smiling face in shock, yelling-asking if I was okay and it was an accident and all that. IT STILL HURTS T.T
Later on, I heard Edi say Oh Sh#! while playing. I yelled, oh oh, I heard that.
He looked really worried and begged me not to tell anyone. I dealed with him for a cookie for tomorrow. Remember that he was bringing cookies?
Anyways, I asked him a couple times to see if he reached the lady that owns Trevor. He kept on saying no, and I got more depressed and depressed. I really hope I can get him, which seems weird. I know I can just buy a cactus, but eh. Trevor is my bae.
The end of the day, I visit Trevor. Then I ask Edi if I should still bring a plant, and he said that I most likely will not get him. So I’m very sad. Pray for me to get Trevor PLEASE!
Me- “Well, you’re still bringing me my cookie, right? For an accidental on purpose purpose?”
Edi- “I don’t know what you’re talking about :P”


9 thoughts on “Robotics Camp Day 4

    1. Lol. I guess my teachers are right about me having to not always read so fast. I just got that need for speed thing. 😛


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