Robotics Camp Day 5

Are you guys even reading these? I know they’re long, but ya know…
It’s the last day ;_;
Morning, Mom drops me off in front of camp. I’m praying over and over for Trevor. Really nervous.
The same kid that called me immature yesterday walks by and walks in the building with me. He asks about Trevor and stuff. I walk in, and I see Diane, a friend. We got closer in bondage because of the building of our robot, Bobby JR. We watch some Hetalia together.
Lalala, we build more on the bot, now it’s snack.
Edi is in front of me, so I think today will be a good day.
Me- I am in the right line! Woot!
Edi- Haha :mrgreen:
I get my oranges and a muffin. I ask to visit Trevor, and I quietly walk to the room. I look for Edi, and he looks busy with programming a game with a student. Me, being me, ask to see Trevor.
Edi- Uhhhh nooo.. :\
Me- Oh. Okay.
I was really looking forward to seeing him. I felt very rejected. I was mad at Edi just because.

I tried avoiding him because I got embarrassed in front of those kids. At lunch I avoided walking near his table. For recess, I stood in the work on my bot, Bobby JR. During recess, while I was on a chair looking for a colour sensor in the bin, Edi walks in and looks at me standing on the chair. I feel like I’m caught doing something bad, plus I’m smad. But he says a slow hi, so I say hi back and hide my face behind the bins. He goes out the class door into the outside. Well that was awkward.
After a while, we clean up stray Lego pieces. My favourite. I love sorting things. Then there’s the tournament. Sumo Bots! I can’t really explain what happens. So, I’ll maybe upload the video onto YouTube?
Anyways, we won. Diane and I. We. Us. WE WON THE CLASS SUMO BOT TOURNAMENT WE ARE SO COOL πŸ™‚
I took pics, but they have faces, so….
But then.
Please note this.
There is a boy in my class, and everyone makes fun of him being feminine. He dances to songs that are playing, even dubstep music, likes to pretend he is a girl, he even picked out FAIRY WINGS as a prize from a game we had at camp, so…
We all come together to fill out a survey. Typical questions, like your name, gender, class name, most fun things about the session, suggestions.
But, (lets call him Bill) starts shaking. Literally shaking hard in his stool. We all panic and ask what is wrong.
Bill- They are asking for my gender. This is discrimination.
He gets in a verbal fight with the teacher about having an “other” check box.
Me- Do you really have to make a commotion about this? Just check something or make your own box.
Bill- YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. *starts banging head with hand*
We are all just sitting there. Some of the guys put an other box too. I don’t know if it’s just to make fun of, or to support. I quietly check off girl on my paper, while he’s scribbling all over the gender question on the survey, and sobbing.
That changed me.
Just to add other details, he even called his bot “Butterfly”, and his partner made fun of him in front of the crowd saying how “manly” it was. My presentation was alright, and pretty fun to brag about winning.
If you may want to know, Edi gave me a smile across the room when he was standing up there , while I was smiling and listening. I was like wut HE DOESN’T HATE ME
After presentations, we take apart our robots. We record it, so we can rewind it and make it look like we know how to build a robot πŸ™‚ I accidently dropped a piece, and felt stupid.
Teacher- That’ll look like you’re ,making the piece hovering from the ground now..
Me and the SuperFolder Kid- LIKE THE FORCE?!
I immediately start dropping pieces to make me use the force πŸ˜€
I say bye, give high fives.
I persuade my Mom to go into the Digital Game Design room. She meets Edi, and I stroll to Trevor. They talk about my obsession, and Edi apologizes for not giving the chance to take him home. I immediately want to give him a hug, but felt weird about approaching him like that, even that we had a bond.
We high five, and I walk slowly to the door.

“Bye Edi!! Bye, guys'”
They all say bye.
Oh lord. Ima miss them. 😦
But I do have Edi’s phone number (don’t ask xD)


15 thoughts on “Robotics Camp Day 5

  1. #ShipJessWithAllHerFriends πŸ˜›

    Haha just kidding Jess πŸ˜€

    I read these, although again, I’m kind of a speed-reader so I might miss a few parts…I got that need for speed life πŸ™‚


  2. people like this bill character… I have nothing aganst people who are gay and what not… but people like him… slightly tick me off…


  3. oh and ze sumo bots. I know watch you talking bout. I do something similar called robobots. kinda like the same thing but with bigger robots and the goal is to turn the other robot into scrap metal.


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