The Life of an Awkward Dorky Jess #5

Changing the name now. Sounds better to meeee.

A couple of days ago, I was invited to go to a party with my family. A surprise birthday party at some fancy banquet. I’m forced into some dress and some sandals. Nail polish too (ugh). My mom and sister look really nice, while I’m in some dress and my straightened-already-straightened hair. Both are really excited to go.

I dread parties. All I do at parties, no matter what type of party or who it’s for, is eat the food, sit, and just look around. Repeat. I really suck at socializing at big occasions.

We get to the banquet, and find our tables. My sister goes to a different table with her boyfriend, me sticking to my mom. We sit, and … just sit.

We get served soup. I eat the whole bread loaf.

Salad. Plate clean.

Dinner comes, and it’s chicken, fancy mashed potatoes, veggies,, gravy. I eat all of it. All the people at the table have leftovers and I’m just eating more bread.

Ice Cream and Cake. I eat all of it, and my mom’s too while watching my sister perform for the party.

A huge mariachi comes and starts playing a number of mexican songs. People are dancing, having a good time. My mom wants to dance but has no partner, so she keeps on asking me to be her partner to dance. I refuse. I would dance, if I knew HOW to dance. I can’t move my hips, twist, dance batchata. Nothing.

A couple of hours pass. A close friend keeps on telling a group of guys my age to dance with me, and they run away to avoid the question. Nyeh…

Few minutes pass, and my mom literally drags me to the dance floor. She dances all nice, while I’m staring at the floor waddling in place. She tries making me dance, but I know I’ll make a fool of myself. Heck, I already am making a fool of myself. I feel horrible. I try walking back to my seat but she grabs on tight. Tears are coming out my eyes. People are staring. I’m stupid.

We finally walk back to our seats. Tears are streaming down my face now. Some people get upset and just glare. Even the guy that this whole party is for tries making conversation. I just want to be home.

When we DO get home, I feel so ashamed of myself, not being asked to dance, can’t dance, eating too much.

So I cry to sleep, wishing this all never happened.


7 thoughts on “The Life of an Awkward Dorky Jess #5

    1. Well girl, I know what you feel. I don’t know how to dance, and for me, its really hard to be the guy that doesn’t know, because everybody knows. On 7th grade, April 30th, my school made a party, and they bringed a DJ to play some songs. EVERYBODY went to dance. I was just watching them. I was called ‘killjoy’. Everybody was having fun, even the persons that didnt know how to dance but were dancing, enjoyed the party more than the persons that knew. I didn’t like that day. And I felt dumb. So this is my advice: dance. No matter if you dont know, your partner is your mom. Trust me, you might feel dumb at that moment, but you’ll feel a lot more in the future when you remember what you couldn’t do. Enjoy, have fun, don’t worry about what others might say about you, they will be more stupid because they won’t have fun. And you will.
      Best wishes.

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