Wednesday. My favourite day of the week ๐Ÿ˜€
Also picture day. darn. I forgot to take a picture. Today was suuuuuperrrrr lovey dove y at school. Um. Yeah.
Coconut and I get yelled at for playing swords with our pens. We blush and stop.

So we’re down for pictures. I’m in front of Coconut, since our last names are close in letters. We’re combing our hair, with little combs they give you. We fight over/share a handheld mirror and talk. I help him brush his “mustache”ย  and he keeps on saying he’s hot. As in cute.

Coconut: I’m hotter than you.
Me: You wish. My hair is better than yours.
Coconut: I’m taller than you.
Me: I’m better than you.
Cesar: I lov-
Teacher: That’s enough Cesar and Jessenia…
*stare at each other*
Me: I don’t know how to smile arghhh
Coconut: Your mom doesn’t know how to smile.
Me: Your face doesn’t know how to shut the-
Teacher: Cesar and Jessenia made you all lose 10 points. Thank you.
Me and Cesar: *shrug*
Class: awwww man cmon you guys
Cesar: *whispers* you’re hot
Me: oh!
Coconut: I love you
Me: *mouths colourful* (that looks like i love you)
Coconut: thanks babe
Me: oh hahahahhahah (turns away)
Back upstairs in our classroom.
Me: *sticks feet out to Coconut’s desk and hits his foot*
Coconut: *immediately puts his feet on top of mine*
*plays footsies for a while, (he making inappropriate sounds) and get tired*
We both just have our feet touching throughout class.
Science class. As soon as we sit down, I kick my feet back and find his feet. Then we repeat, plays footsies for a good five mins, and just rest our feet on top of each other for rest of period.
When either one of us are talking out loud, he really gets into it.
Sometimes we take a break, and continue our work. I’ll go back after some time, and just rest my foot on his. He doesn’t push back or refuse, just let it happen.
We’re weird xD
Back to homeroom. We chat good, and he makes me a drawing.


At our locker, I knew that he was standing over me while I was getting my stuff. I turn around real fast, and there he is. Looming over me. I stagger back into the locker, finding me stuck between the door and him. He’s smiling, I’m smiling.

While heading out the door, I tell him that he’s not a bad person. I meant it as that I see the real him, but I worded it wrong xD
He said thanks. All is well.

P.S- @Baggie, I just saw your comment about liking millions of people xD. WordPress didn’t notify me of it. My reply: yah, I like coconut and the online dudes that I meet are chill ๐Ÿ˜›
Ohhh, and the guy that drops me off after school. He wears a beanie. He likes heavy metal music. I like his hair.


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