I’ll Be Busy

I haven’t posted any art because of school. I’m entering as many scholarships as I can to get into a nice school, plus student council. I’ll show a poster in a bit. And I need to go to a HS fair tomorrow and shadow days and aeghh. So busy.

Wish me luck for talking at all these events! *sigh*


12 thoughts on “I’ll Be Busy

            1. I´ve seen how busy people can be in high school/college… my source is my IRL sister…

              It’s crazy how busy people will be in high school/college.


  1. ¨Getting into a nice school?¨ Hmm….

    High school must work differently for you than it does for me over in the ´burbs, huh?

    Because over here, I don´t need to apply to go to high school. 😛

    Well, good luck Jess! 🙂

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