19,000 Views! Announcement!

Hey, guys! I know I haven’t been posting. To be honest, I’ve been getting tired with WordPress. So I haven’t been posting. I haven’t been getting a thousand views a month *nudge nudge* but it’s progressing. As long as you enjoy the content, and give feedback! (:
So here’s what I’m going to announce.
Vlogging. Much like blogging. With a V. Vlogging.
Vloggity vlog vlog.
I think I can get into the YouTube community well. My personality is just like other YouTubers.
So, I’m taking on to Vlogging.
As soon as I get a laptop. Which is soon, because my birthday is coming up in less than two months (((:
Would you guys help me rise to fame? View my videos?
Comment below!!


13 thoughts on “19,000 Views! Announcement!

      1. It really depends on what you want. Quality of your film or efficiency of the laptop. For quality, a MacBook would be great. For productivity/efficiency, get a Windows laptop.

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  1. Congrats on 19,000 views! You earned it! 🙂

    A tip from a blogger who´s a lot more noobish then you…the more often you post, the more views you get. The less you post, the less views you get. If I posted daily, then on some days I´d get as high as 100 views on a single day, but if I post like only a few days in a week, I might only get 30 views in a day.

    And you´re thinking of doing YouTube? Fun! I can´t subscribe because I don´t have an account, but I can for sure watch your channel. Just leave a link to your channel and I´ll check it out Jess! 😀

    But be sure to stick around on WordPress so I can still see ur funny comments, I need them sometimes xD xD

    And yeah, of course.

    – Badatgaming130


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