Wrong Words

Today is Monday. The weather is warm enough for shorts, but I decide to wear my pants to school. My baggie polo makes me look big, and my hair isn’t combed right. I look bad.
The first class is Religion. The seventh graders walk in, while all of us eighth graders pile at one table.
“I call sitting next to you, Giselle!” I frantically get my supplies to get to my seat. Right when I arrive, Cesar slides into the chair.
“Too late. I’m sitting here.” He smirks.
“I called it. Move.”
“I sat here first. You move.”
“But I-”
“Can you guys please stop fighting? Just get a chair.” Someone yells at us.
I grunt. I hate when I lose to him.
So I end up sitting next to him, sandwiched between two guys. I stretch out my legs, yawning while I do so. My back hurts from barely getting any sleep from last night.
A foot hits my leg. I turn red.
Pant leg is being pushed up by a foot. I slowly move my legs closer to me, turning more red as I do so. My leg get wrapped around by a set of legs. I panic and try to move, but I’m stuck. I glance up from my notebook, catching his stare. He smiles, and lets go.
For the rest of class, we just stare at each other, laugh, talk.
Skip a couple hours, it’s Math Class.
“Sit by me. We’re on each other’s TM.” He smirks and sits at a table.
I giggle at the SpongeBob reference, and sit behind him. For the whole class period we keep on poking each other, him leaning against me, me doodling things on his papers.
I look down. I smile.
I slide my pen onto his chair, catching glances from friends. They laugh and turn quiet when Cesar looks.
He pushes the pen off, and smiles.
“Put it in his belt loop. I dare you for my bag of chips,” a friend requests.
I’ll do anything for food. I gently slide the pen, getting snickers from classmates. He doesn’t notice. He looks back at me, and starts the leaning back. He leans so far, that he’s practically on top of me. I lean back, trying not to make anything obvious. Until, well, I lean into thin air, making my bottom fall between the seats. I gasp.
He falls against me, crushing my tiny body between two chairs, I can’t get up, he can’t get up. We’re stuck.
The whole class laughs, and gets the teacher’s attention. She starts laughing, and we both get embarrassed. I cover up for him, but it doesn’t work. Everyone is laughing. Our faces are the reddest, making us go back to our original seats.
Lunchtime. He sits in front of me. Footsies under the table. He starts to play with something under the table, which looks wrong.
“Watcha doing there, Cesar?” I laugh.
“Nothing. Why?” Everyone laughs.
“It’s cuz she wants to join in. Right?” Friend  laughs out loud.
” Yeah.” I continue eating.
A handful of laughs comes out, and he says
“You wanna join!”
I thought she meant to join in the conversation, not… You get the idea. My blushing face hides. I get a kick from him.
“Jesus Christ, you have long legs Cesar!!” I scream out. I didn’t realize it was so loud that it made the entire lunchroom quiet.
Laughs again. I need to control my mouth.
I mean, control my thoughts.

It’s enrichment time. It’s only us in the corner again. We gossip about our mutual hater. We don’t know why she hates us. Everyone says to ignore it, but we just want to know WHY she hates us. That leads into a conversation about friendship.
“I hate how people think we’re enemies.” I glance at the wall.
“We’re not.”
” I know.”
“I hate how people always say we like each other…” *turns attention to teacher*
Then we talk about the prettiest people.
“Who do you think the prettiest girl is?”  He looks around.
“Uh… Marisol and Alexa pretty much tie.”
“Marisol is like a sister.”
“Yeah…” *continues back to work*
“…we fight a lot, but we like each other. It’s weird.”
I blush. That sounds exactly like me.
“Really!” I get intrigued.
“Yeah. Marisol is like that.”
I never felt so let down before. I shake my head.
“Am I… Decent?”
“Yeah. Its just well… Your teeth.” He looks away.
“My teeth. Well aside from that, am I still okay looking?”
“Yeah. Weird question, but yeah.”
The conversation leads to me saying to a friend…
” You gotta admit. He’s not bad looking.”
The class turns quiet, and exploded in an outpour of OH I SEES, SHIP, I LIKE IT, REALLYS
“But he’s not!”
More laughs.
I’m so Jess.


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