The Life of an Awkward Dorky Person #6

So today we had a field trip.(Not today anymore, I procrastinated to make this post xD) It was at a retreat at a highschool. The teacher specifically said, to not bring devices. Of course, we didn’t listen. I planned to watch Good Mythical Morning on the way there, but it ended up being me taking pictures of everyone slacking. I was sitting next to Marisol, with Cesar across the aisle from us.
We walked into a little chapel, taking seats in pews. I ended up sitting between Alexa (new girl from before) and Cesar.Β  We had to write what we were grateful for on a piece of paper. I wrote down Rhett and Link.
We all did activities, preformed skits, and even had a mass.Β  The priest was so joyful, happy, and excited to talk.
Me: *listening to priest*
Cesar: *inches foot closer to mine*
Me: *starts blushing and inches foot*
Cesar: *puts foot on top of mine*
I’m nervous to jump back, so I just sit there, continuing to listen to the priest talk.
Priest: Now, let us pray.
Everyone grabs one another’s hand. I’m stuck with no one, except Cesar. We glance up at each other, unsure of what to do. He hurriedly stuck out a finger in the air, sighing out loud. I see how it is. I place my shaking finger on top of his. I wish my hands weren’t clammy.
*achem*. We look up at the priest. He stopped the mass, and said to hold hands. Now we’re really embarrassed. I put my sweaty, trembling hand over his, making no eye contact with him. The priest is frowning now, and shakes his head.

After mass, I yell at him.
Me: Why? You put all the attention on us.
Cesar: Yeah yeah, whatever. What are you gonna do about it? *leans closer as an insult thingy*
I leaned in at the same time, trying to threaten him. Until, well, we ended up being nearly centimeters away from each other.
We back up instantly, and look away.
Friend: ohhh I seeeee
Friend: you guys were about to kissssss
Me: No! We were nearly just… Uh… Not kissing. I wasn’t gonna kiss him. I swear.
Cesar: *smirks*
Nun: Who’s talking about kissing in church??
*everyone turns their face toward me*
I can’t help but turn all red, and check out my high tops. Hiding my face.
Priest: You guys were going to kiss! I’m not prepared for holding the marriage!
I walk away, to go get my coat. I can’t handle this much embarrassment.
Nun: She’s in love with him. Can’t you tell?
Minister: Oh yes. *winks at me*
I can’t believe this. I want to laugh and walk away, but I end up running faster with blood rushed cheeks.
Yesterday, we were measuring hands.
Cesar: You got that question right at that competition. Good job. *hold out hand*
I thought we were still measuring hands, so I just placed my hand on his. I smiled.
Cesar: what?? I wanted a high five xD

We were called down to help deliver boxes to classrooms. I tried looking at the teacher talk, but Cesar kept on getting in my way and tried leaning against me. When we crossed paths, he would brush against me. I would try to avoid it, but it was useless.
I sat across from him in a class. It was all good, until he placed his foot on my lap. I stabbed him with a pen, and pushed him off. He kept on putting his foot by me, and making noises and gahhhh, I was like helpppp me.

We walked into the classroom together, to get our supplies.
Cesar: Hey, where’s your pouch? *smiles*
Me: heyyyyy *digs into his desk*
We fight over the inside of the desk.
Cesar: fine fine, I’ll give it to you.
*takes hand out of desk*

Why are boys confusing xD
Art coming up soon!


14 thoughts on “The Life of an Awkward Dorky Person #6

  1. Cesar and Jess sitting in a tree…Cesar tries to kiss you then falls off the tree! Then I catch him and start yelling “I CAUGHT A WILD CESAR! MOM GET THE CAMERA!”

    Lol xD

    It’s funny how everyone thinks you’re in love with someone. Maybe they all just think you’re attractive or something, but how should I know, we’ve never met πŸ˜›

    Maybe you should head to Mexico and see oy30, I think you two would hit it off well πŸ˜‰

    Haha just kidding around again, stay cool Jess πŸ™‚

    – Badatgaming130


      1. Proof that I change my mind 50 times per minute: I started writing my post, decided that it was boring, and discontinued the series before it started… 5 minutes after posting that comment.


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