Halloween, Microwaves, and Becoming a YouTuber(?),


Hey guys! How are all of you?
*listen intently*
Good job!

So, so. Been a couple, er days.
Halloween! I made a Rhett and Link pumpkin.


Its the logo. I’m cool.

My costume? I was Chucky! 


I’m the person choking friend. Muahahha

And I almost got kidnapped. Uh oh.

Long story short, I went trick or treating with two neighbor kids, we ended up going with some random lady and two kids, she took us somewhere random, her husband appeared, we tried to go home but didn’t let us, they started fighting, we ran away.

ANYWAYS, I had a great time.

Cesar is now recommending songs for me to listen to. They are by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Strokes (omg they are perfect) and the Arctic Monkeys. I. Love. These. Bands.
He helped me find a taste in music now. Woot!  We are still stuck on one problem tho. Some person in class appears to hate the both of us. We are trying to figure out WHY, but we aren’t really getting anywhere. :/

Oh man, you guys need to see a sketch Rhett and Link made. Its called BFFs. Watch it. Right now. It made me cry. Oh man, I can’t even look at a microwave without getting teary eyed ;-;

Okay, so YouTube. I am going to become a YouTuber. I know I won’t get far, but let’s see how this goes. Like recently, out of no where a friend told me I’m fit to be a YTer. I was like, ahhh. I will. As soon as I get a laptop hahah

So you guys, question.

What is a good name for my YouTube name? All I have is Jess, I Guess. And Awkward Jess.

Something with Jess! Plz help me >.<

See y'all laterrrr


15 thoughts on “Halloween, Microwaves, and Becoming a YouTuber(?),

  1. “JessVlogsAndStuff” would be a good name for your youtube channel. But beware of YouTube Red! (I warned you about that on a post from like a month ago I think)

    I can’t subscribe because I don’t have a youtube channel to subscribe with, but I’ll watch your videos. πŸ™‚

    You almost got kidnapped? Oh noes! :O

    Hope you’re safe now πŸ™‚

    You choked your friend? *dials 911* Uh yeah, I have a friend who’s insane. I DON’T KNOW WHERE SHE LIVES, WHAT AM I, A MIRACLE WORKER? πŸ˜›

    You have a taste in music? Cool! I like up to 4 or so different genres, none that I think you’d be interested in though…I actually played a lot of piano back in the day before I started doing WordPress and video games.

    You cry in front of microwaves? *starts stealing your microwaves* What? It’s a win win situation! It means I have more microwaves to pop popcorn with, and you stop crying so you’re happy! xD

    Well enough of my rambling, see ya soon Jess πŸ™‚

    – Badatgaming130

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