Essays, Essays, Essays

I freaking AGH
Let’s start that over..
Soooo, hey WordPressers. I feel stupid coming back with a sorry post every time. But lately, I’ve been learning on how to have a life. AKA not being online all the time, getting more into school, working in which high school I want to go to, and RHETT AND LINK!

So I’ve been spazzing out on applications, essays, and homework. I don’t have a good time schedule for my work time and free time. I’ve been staying up til 2 AM everyday, trying to get work done. I feel so stressed out.

I’m supposed to be working on an application that’s due in two days. Whoops. I have no idea of what an indisputable truth is or a sentence of blah blah blah. The school is freaking $34 K  a year, too. I feel so… So…

ANYWAYS, my birthday is on Saturday! I’m going to have a party. Wish me luck on that. Most people don’t like coming to my parties.
Me: Hey, heres an invitation to my party!
Person: oh yeah, for sure I’ll go!
Me: aiight! See ya there!
*one week later*
Me: Mom, its time already and none of my friends arrived.
Mom: They’re not gonna come right on time. Give em time.
Me: alrighty. *looks out window and gets hopes up at every car passing*
Me: it’s been an hour. Maybe they’ll still come.
*passes time with ds*
Me: Two hours! Mom, you sure they’re gonna come?
Mom: how about we eat the cake…
Me: hey, none of you guys were at my party!
Friend: oh um I had dance class
Friend #2: my mom wasn’t home
Friend #3- I forgot
Friend #4- oh
Me: …
-months later-
Friend- hey, I’m having a party! We’re gonna go get pedicures, go to a hotel, go to a trampoline land, to the mall, and more!!
Friends- ohhh yea Ima tell my parents ill go
-at hotel-
Friends: this is funnnn glad I could come woot yay
Me: *stares at everyone while slowly eats cake*
This happens every year. My birthday is just sad. No one likes my lame parties DX
So, wish me luck I guess.


12 thoughts on “Essays, Essays, Essays

  1. You shouldn’t be up all night sleeping more should hel you with stress and with school plus if you turn one assignment in late it’s not that big of a deal as long as you don’t get lazy because then you get behind and things get worse

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Some studies actually say homework and improved learning are not connected at all.

      And yeah, I agree with darthvaper, it’s not a big deal if you turn one assignment in late. Happens to the best of us.


  2. I know it’s kind of late but happy birthday πŸ™‚

    Good luck with school! Just a question, why do you have to apply to a high school in your town? :/

    $34,000 a year!?! Are you sure you’re not actually applying for college? :O

    Having a life outside the internet? That’s good. Something I don’t know how to do πŸ˜› well I’ll miss you as you go friend 😦

    And yeah. Enough of my rambling with billions of emojis. Stay strong homie.



  3. Don’t be discouraged about your parties… heck, I haven’t been invited to one in over 5 years… yeah, I’m kind of lonely 😦
    But still, those kids should be honored to have been invited by such a nice person as you. πŸ˜‰


  4. Hi, I haven’t been on in a long time, maybie a… I don’t know… a YEAR!?! The talkzone being shutdown ruined all of my friendships I made. The chatting zone is STILL THE SAME! I honestly don’t understand. Where do you people talk to each other now! I really want to reconnect with some of the people I used to know, but I CANT!!! I am getting frusterated! The talkzone was so easy. I posted some stuff on the chatting zone and no one looked at it. I…I…I…ARGH! WHYYYYYYYYY!!!


  5. Happy super-belated birthday!!

    I haven’t been able to have a chat conversation with you for a bit, but I’m wishing you a nice day and a happy birthday!
    Keep being stooky!


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