Field Trips are Slaptastic

I swear, field trips give me bad luck.
Today is a free day in school. Student Council gathers food drive from kids. I’m part of S.C, but they all left me without a partner. I yell out, who do I go with?? Someone says for me to tag with Cesar. I run up to his pace, smile. I hand out the treats for the donators, and walk with him. We talk.
You guys know the game M.A.S.H?
It’s a game on paper that you do with two players. You list out a list of boys/girls, houses, wages, colors, cars, jobs, and number of kids on a paper. Then you get a magic number from the other player (say its 21) and you cross off every 21st choice until you have one choice in each category.
So Cesar was doing my M.A.S.H. After a couple minutes, he started to blush like crazy and put his face in his hands. My friend started laughing and grinning. They wouldn’t want to tell me my “future”.
Cesar: For boys… You got ..
Friend: you got him.
I was like omlllllll deadddd
He was frustrated LOLOLOL. Ima marry him I suppose.
Later on we all jump on the bus. My friend, Gigi, and I are across the aisle from him. We talk about songs, and good stuff. I take pictures.
We go to the field trip (nothing much to say about that) and jump back on the bus.Gigi and I go in the seat in front of him now. We listen to the songs he told me to listen to, and talk. Cesar was singing along, and talking too.
He kept on petting my hair. I wanted him to stop so I turned my body around, and whipped my arm out and attempted to slap him. I didn’t know where my hand would be. I heard a SLAP! I don’t know why, but my hand grasped whatever I slapped until I heard a AGSHWB
I whipped my head around and found a startled, blushed Cesar, and gasped faces.
                   I slapped Cesar’s butt.
Anyways, we got back to the classroom in an awkward fashion at what just happened. I was putting my coat back, until Cesar asked if I stole his lollypop out of his stocking. I said no, but still ran to his paper stocking, and stuffed my hand in there to check. My hand ended up RIPPING his stocking in half, and made all the contents fall out. He yelled my name out and looked so sad. I felt so bad, but he got over it. HERE COMES THE GOOD PART
Cesar: I’ve been thinking… Give me your number. I’ll decide if I’ll use it or not.
Me: …huh?
Cesar: never mind
I replayed of what he said in my mind, and squealed silently. OHSNWJS
Me: alright.
Cesar: don’t put your name by it tho.
Me: alright.
I scribbled my number in a sheet of paper and folded it up in a tiny square. I wait for him in line.
Me: umm.. Cesar? He turns around and hold out his hand. I drop it in his sweaty hand, and he stuffs it in his sweater.
Kid: ohhhh so you and Cesar first grabbing butts, and now sharing-


5 thoughts on “Field Trips are Slaptastic

  1. Am I invisible or something? cause a week ago I commented about how everybody is so weird lately, no ones commenting on that one comment I made a year ago thats still most recent in talk to jessenia, everyones ignored my HELP ME! comment from a week ago, and I’ll bet no one will notice this eather.
    HELLOOOOO?!? ANYBODY THERE? Just me? ok…


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