Sidewalk Signs Suck

I’m stressed free of school! Finally it is Friday. Yesterday and today was fun. Let’s go back to yesterday, 8:15 AM.

Cesar: Teacher, I’m going to go do the sidewalk sign outside.
Teacher: Okay, take someone along with you.
Friend and I: *raises hands really high*
Me: *I just wanna get outta schooooool*
Cesar: hmmmmm
Teacher: Marisol, would you like to go and do it?
Marisol: nah not really
Teacher: *pretends to look for someone else*
Me: plzzzzz
Marisol: It’s Jessenia’s turn anyways.
Teacher: (sigh) okay je-
Me: *grabs jacket and zayns outta there*
I meet Cesar downstairs.
Cesar: Alright, I take off the letters with the like and you pick them up. No complaints. Let’s go.
We head outside and stare up at the looming sign.
Cesar: Okay pick them up. Hurry up! Go!
I hurriedly pick up the falling letters. We share some laughs and go back inside with the wet letters. He leads me into the empty library.
Cesar: Get some paper towel for the letters.
I run out to the bathroom, and grab a long piece of paper towel. He sure is bossy today.
I sneak up behind him and give him the towel.
I glare at him, and went to fetch the paper towels.
We sit down next to each other, and started to dry the letters.
Cesar: So, did you guys talk about me yesterday? (He was absent yesterday)
Me: Eh, we just talked about it being really quiet without you. And you-know-who was talking alot.
Cesar: Ah, okay. Did you miss me?
Me: sure. Keep dreaming, Cesar.
Cesar: Let’s make a bet. If I stay nice all day today, you owe me a dollar. If I say one mean thing, I will give you a dollar. Deal?
I slap his hand in agreement and said I can’t wait for my money. While doing that, I dropped a letter and snapped the corner off by accident.
Cesar: Scrub. Oh wait-
Me: hahahahaha you lostttt
Cesar: new round! But we double it. Double or nothing!
Me: Fine. Cheater.
We go back outside to put a new message
up there. He takes the letter from my hand and put it on the suction cup of the stick, and places it up on the board. It takes about 10 seconds for each letter.
Me: how about I stick it on there to save time?
Cesar: oh yeaaaa sure okay try.
We go twice as fast now.
Cesar: I’m surprised by your speed. Great job.
Mexican music starts blasting out of a house. He grins and starts dancing. What I mean by that is that he starts to shake his right leg in circles, while moving his hips. He looks ridiculously funny.
We’re spelling the word “MASS”.  On the board, it so far says
I start cracking up. Cesar waits patiently for the ” M” to be out on the stick. I fail at every time I try to put it on due to my laughing. He has a puzzled look, but then looks at the board.
Cesar: I swear, if you’re laughing at the board, I am going to …
I continue laughing, and grin at him. He scowls and puts the letter on himself.
We end up working together for two hours.
We race each other to the stairs and to our next class.
People keep on trying to make him say something mean. He keeps up with the nice attitude.
We pretend to be nice to each other.
Cesar: how about if I stay quiet for the whole social studies period, I get a dollar.
Me: 80¢.
Him: Fine.
Me: and cut off the mean bet.
Him: alright.
It’s fun to see him get antsy of not talking for 45 minutes. Finally, he blurts out something at a friend. I point my finger in his face and smile.
We write each other notes about if he won.
He says that the teacher gave him permission to talk, but I know its a lie.



Now he owes me 80 cents. Scrub.


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