Updates on my Life…

Okay, I think I’m back for good!
~ I earned a really good scholarship! It pays for highshool. I was picked, alongside 124 other 8th graders, out of 1000 APPLICANTS!!! Gosh! In my interview, I talked about my blog, origami yoda, the OY site, Tom, my crafts, and how I manage to keep up with my quirky and optimistic personality when I’m often met up with bad, bad things. The people who interviewed me were really interested at the time when I met Tom, and even one person said they googled about him and bought all of her grandchildren his books! πŸ˜€
I actually have another meeting today, so wish me luck πŸ™‚

~ Still deciding on what high school I will be going to. I might fly on a plane for the first time (WAH!) to Massachusetts, to look at a snazzy boarding school there. So if any of you readers are in Massachusetts, watch out! I’m coming for yeh XD

~ My Rhett and Link account is boosting up up up! It currently has 348 FOLLOWERS! I earned 48 people in the past 2 weeks! It pretty crazy. It’s weird how I post picture of Link’s foot, and people are actually ENJOYING it. So go follow @links.foot (Me) on Insta! Yes I know this is shameless self promotion, but hey, you’ll be able to chat with me there, and see awesome content ^-^

~ I’ve been having lengthy conversations with “Coconut” for TWO WEEKS! We even stood up with each other til 2 AM in the morning on his birthday. But other days, its only up to 1:45 am πŸ˜‚ I have to say, we’re goals.

~ I’m actually going to be getting a laptop!! And probably a new phone!! I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT LAPTOP IS GOOD SO COMMENT GOOD LAPTOPS BELOW XD

~YouTube channel. Will. Be. Starting. As. Soon. As. I. Get. The. Laptop. Vlogs! Cartoons! Reactions! Q and A’s!

~ Eighth grade graduation is coming up! Aggg! Im so nervous >.<

So many great things are coming in the new year! Squeeee! :)))))

Have a great day guys! Comment your thoughts below πŸ˜€


20 thoughts on “Updates on my Life…

  1. You’re flying a plane for the first time? And only for like 1 or 2 hours? Pfft, I’ve flown on planes for 12 hours before without stopping, and I have to fly another one for about 13 hours very soon lol

    Planes aren’t that bad, just try not to fly on United lol xD


    1. Lol. I like touchscreen computers better. A friend of mine has a touchscreen computer that is twice the size of an ipad, and can rotate 360 degrees, with the newest i7 processor and a very good graphics card plus 16 gigs or RAM. I was like “What? That’s a thing?!” It’s not a surface though, and it’s pretty big too. I want one too, but there is no way my parents will get me one.


      1. Next gen I7? I recommended a mac because they can record in 720p, making it great for blogging and (vlogging) right now I’m running Windows 10 on an insprion 15 3521 with an I3 processor, 500gb of storage and uhh I’m not sure about the ram.


        1. can’t you go to pc info to see the installed ram though? I think you can ask cortana to find it for you, or just type pc info in the search box yourself.


            1. I usually go to the PC info in the system settings, that shows you the installed RAM and stuff. It just looks better than the CMD window, anyways. The CMD windows shows much more stuff though.


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