Jess is Back!



Its the news that maybe some of you (and I) have been waiting for a LONG TIME!

I’m coming back to blogging! *cue confetti and party music*

I have been on hiatus because I needed time to up my game on my mental and physical health 😛 Lots of things have occurred!

  • I’m in high school (big change o-o)
  • Ive come out to my family, about being pansexual and gender fluid! They support me.
  • I cut my hair!! I’ve been waiting years to cut it this short. I’m pretty satisfied on how it looks on me.
  • Im on 3-D Design team of my schools robotics club! It’s pretty fun to make friends of all different classes and diverse backgrounds.
  • I’ve had my FIRST BURRITO! Hey hey, yeah I know I’m a Mexican. They taste like fat weird tacos.
  • I’m with my boyfriend Michael. He’s pretty lit, likes origami, has good taste in music.
  • I turned 15!

So what are you going to blog about, Jess?”

Good question. I plan on getting into photography, drawing original comics, maybe some origami here and there. I definitely plan on being more active. I’m going to spend some time cleaning the site up and making it look good.

Comment below! See you guys on the flip side 💞



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