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219 thoughts on “Talk to Jess

    1. It’s quite confusing… Ok I will show you the guide. It takes you step by step what to do. First, go on . Then go on the page “my blog” then press dashboard, it’s under your blog. You will see ALOT of stuff to be able to do to your site! Explore that later. You should see a zero-to-hero page somewhere on dashboard. Press it, and read the pages. I think to add a page is on the second page.


      1. Guess where I live???…… Drumroll please………… Poland!!!!!!! LOL
        No, but seriously, I am from Poland, but my mom is American.


  1. Hey for me to publish things, I think I have to be a contributor. And when I accepted the author invitation it said, “Sorry, this activation key has already been used. If you don’t have access to this site, please ask the blog owner to send another” can you send another please?


  2. Yello Jessnia ! I think we talked one time on OY . Anyway this site looks awesome ! Also u should check mine . Its Buenos Dias ! ( later ! )


    1. Sorry sorry….I actually checked yesterday, but Then there was a fire next door. Yesterday wasn’t a good. Day. I check it about once or twice or three times a week. Don’t worry haha


  3. Can you enter in my contest , Jessenia ? I know you are more of an art person , but the theme is origami . So far i have Moochael and John . Please Notify me asap , bye !


      1. Nice to know soemone else LOVES IT.

        I got Everything Is Awesome stuck in my head

        Wyldstyle-Favorite restaurant?

        Emmet-Any chain restaurant!

        Wyldstyle-Favorite show?

        Emmet-Where are my paaaaants?

        Wyldstyle-Favorite song?

        Emmet-*singing* Everything is Awesome!

        Wyldstyle-Oh no…


  4. Jessenia , would you consider us SuperFolders geeks ? I think i’m a geek , and I’m find with it . πŸ˜€

    Also have you ever seen any Wierd Al videos ?!? He’s a Stooky Parodies artist !
    Check out “handy ” , “Foils ” , and “Tacky ” on Youtube !

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    1. I like this question HAHAHAH. Yes I would consider it. We all laugh at silly things, and just seem geeky. Haha. The SuperFolders are just geeky/nerdy/ dorks (dorks as in a good way ^_^) that laugh at almost anything. We seem so … I dunno. Geeky XDD
      Yeah. I seem those already. They are very.,.. Intresting XD

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  5. Are you a human, or a hamster? πŸ˜‰
    Which brings up another question. Can hamsters type?
    And last of all how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?I would like to know.


  6. Are you using the talkzone darthvapor suggested because I want to know if there are enough people I know on that TZ to use it daily. If so I’ll bookmark it and it will be like the talkzone again!


  7. Uh… I’ve been wondering… What are your feelings on matt? I was there when he came back… I’m still not sure what he did, specifically to you. Sorry if you dont like this question.


    1. Matt? Oh. Well. He put up an apology post… and yeahs. I forgived him.. because he is just one of the people on that site that understood me. I’ve been searching for that kind of dude for a whilez. We talked about it too, but I would like an apology directly to me doe, considering the fact that I told I hadz a crush on him for a while, and I kinda told it for nothing.
      Was not realizing that this would be long…


        1. I wouldn’t ecpect you to renember me by the the way. I mean ive been gone for sooooo long I mean I even forgot OY exsisted for like 2 months and then I finally renembered when my dog ran in to me and I fell down a hill into this family who were reading oy books and I was all like hey maybe I should talk to the sfs for a little bit and I went on the site and te comments wre GONE! and I was like—————-. an then more monthes passed and just yesterday I was like maybe tom put em up again . well I was wrong very wrong. so I decided to get a word press account and go comment on the other websites


  8. okay so I need some advice someone has been bullying my little cousin just because he is a victim of autism (its basically special ed). The other day the kid was annoying him and stuff and the he tried to fight him like he was going to hit him!!!then my cousin was going to try to fight him too but luckily this girl got in between them and stopped the fight. the teacher wont do anythang about it either in fact she suspended my cousin!!! so what should I do?


          1. meh that’s okay but swear if see this kid hits my cousin…. thangs are going to go down but if I do run into the kid ill talk with him first


            1. thanks for the advice though jess really appreciate tha you took the tim to help me with this πŸ™‚


        1. lol they grew on me my favorite song is everybody want to steal my girl. I don’t know why the song was just really catchy. but other then that I prefer funky stuff like Mark Ronson Michael Jackson etc.. I don’t know I’m an 80s guy XD


      1. ok some people took that to seriously and threatened zayn that if he didn’t rejoin the group they would cut themselves and commit suicide….


            1. but you gotta look on the bright side. hes in a better place now and I just imagine him moon walking in heaven


  9. Hi, I haven’t been on in a long time, maybie a… I don’t know… a YEAR!?! The talkzone being shutdown ruined all of my friendships I made. The chatting zone is STILL THE SAME! I honestly don’t understand. Where do you people talk to each other now! I really want to reconnect with some of the people I used to know, but I CANT!!! I am getting frusterated! The talkzone was so easy. I posted some stuff on the chatting zone and no one looked at it. I…I…I…ARGH! WHYYYYYYYYY!!!


  10. Hey Jess! It might be a LONG time before you see thisβ€”that’s okay. I know you haven’t been on your blog a lot, and your doing some awesome stuff in real life haha. But let me know if there’s a way I can stay in contact with ya. It’s alright if you respond a while after I post this, just let me know if there’s a platform or email or something that would work best. You were a stooky Superfolder!

    Hope you’re well!


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