First Day of Eighth Grade :O

After having no sleep, I arrive at school. I awkwardly walk to my class. I see a new girl.

YOUR HAIR everyone is saying. It’s so poooofy. Cesar glances at me.

I walk inside. Desks are put into tables. I slowly walk around the classroom looking for mine. Found it. I look to see who’s desks are by me, and I see. I see Cesar glaring at me.

Every freaking year we’re seated by each other.  We groan and sit, and give mean looks at each other. At least the new girl is a seat away from me.

My friends tease me; pointing, smiling, all that.

We talk as a class and stuff. I play it cool around him.

Teacher: I will not pair you up with anyone you DO NOT LIKE AND THINK THEY ARE ANNOYING THAT YOU JUST WANNA SLAP THEM.

Class: *immediately turns and looks at me and cesar*

Me and Cesar: *death stare everyone and get red*

We’re on the same team for a quiz. He tries stealing my pen and pretends that he isn’t.

I try ignoring him but ughh I blush too much.

The teacher asks who’s the artistic person in the class. “‘JESSSSSSSSEEEEEENNNNNIIIIAAAAA”, the class says in unison. Well, Cesar groans my name and kicks me under the desk.

The teacher wants some poster to be drawn. I take Gigi, my beeessst friend xD, to another classroom so we can work on it. We draw for about two hours while our class just goes to church without us. We laugh over our mistakes and have a good time.

Lunch time. I talk with the new girl. She’s seen me before at volleyball.

Me: you know that kid by us? I describe him.

Her:You like him don’t you.

Me: um uymumumumum noooooo okay yep sure yes I do. If you see me acting weird and blushy, it’s cuz of him.

Her: aha okay

After lunch we go upstairs back to the classroom.

Cesar: *stares at me* *looks away* i hate you

Me: uhm okay


Me: I can’t help it. It’s just me.

Cesar: Whatever. Stop blushing.

Me: *turns away and tries not to blush*

Cesar: she’s so weird right * asks newgirl*

Newgirl: *stares at him and grins*

We go to the lockers to put supplies away. Yayyyyy. I share with Cesar. Again.

Cesar: *takes up room and doesn’t let me get though*  I take both shelves.

Me: *pushes him* noooope

New Girl: i see

Gigi: why so early guys, it’s barely the first day. You always fight.

Afterwards,  New Girl catches me and Cesar staring. She pokes me and teases.

Such a day, eh guys Dx


4 thoughts on “First Day of Eighth Grade :O

  1. It’s been so long since I went on this site, mainly because of laziness…. so we’re in the same grade, eh? 😛

    Good luck! 🙂


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